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Nicola Arcozzi

Full Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/05 Mathematical Analysis

Curriculum vitae

1989 MB in Mathematics (Università di Milano)
1995 PhD in Mathematics (Washington University in St. Louis)
1995-1998 Contract Professor.
1997 Posdoc, University di Genova
1998-2006 Assistant Professor (Università di Bologna)
2006- Associate Professor (Università di Bologna)

2017-Full Professor (Università di Bologna)

Visiting professor and intensive research periods.
1999 University of Michigan in Ann Arbor
2000 University of Michigan in Ann Arbor
2000 Mittag-Leffler Institut (Nonlinear Potential Theory and Partial Differential Equations), with a Mittag-Leffler fellowship.
2004 Washington University in St. Louis (fellowship "Progetto Marco Polo" from the U. of Bologna)
2009 "Research in pairs" at the CIRM of Trento (financed by the CIRM)
2010 Université de Bordeaux I (fellowship from the Université de Bordeaux)
2010 Oberwolfach, Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis, 1-5 november

Short courses at advanced schools.
2011 MSRI in Berkeley (20 giugno-1 luglio): The Dirichlet Space: Connections between Operator Theory, Function Theory, and Complex Analysis, 20 june-1 july (Summer Graduate Workshop)
2014 Sevilla, 16-18 June;"Eleventh Advanced Course in Operator Theory and Complex Analysis"
2015 St. Petersburg, 12-15 October; short course for the workshop "Spaces of Analytic Functions and Singular Integrals (SAFSI2015)", organized by the Chebyshev Laboratory of St. Petersburg State University in cooperation with St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute.
2017 Leganés (Madrid), 12-16 June, Summer School organized by the Spanish Network in Complex Analysis and Operator Theory.

Invited speaker and colloquia:
2005 [5-6/02] Winter school in Complex Analysis (Antequera)
2006 [25-27/05] Complex and Harmonic Analysis: an international conference (Thessaloniki)
2006 [3-4/11] A.M.S. Fall Southeastern Section Meeting, (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
2007 [22-26/05]; Extremal Problems in Complex and Real Analysis, (Moscow)
2007 [29/06] Workshop: Holomorphic Function Spaces (Politecnico di Torino)
2008 [29-31/05] Function Spaces and their Operators (St. Louis)
2009 [20-22/03] Workshop of the CTP network Mathematical Analysis and
Applications (Barcelona, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Zaragoza),(Jaca, Spagna).
2010 [22-26/03] Recent advances in function related operator theory, (Portorico, US).
2010 Oberwolfach, Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis, 1-5 november
2011 [26-29/07] Conference in Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations; Fields institute in Toronto, Canada.
2012 [25-30/03] Operator related function theory (workshop at the Erwin Schroedinger Institute, Wien)
2012 [23-25/05] Harmonic Analysis Meeting (University of Toulouse)
2013 [28/02-03/03] Workshop su varietà reali e complesse (SNS Pisa)
2013 [10/04] University of di Lund: colloquium.
2014 [14-18/07] IWOTA in Amsterdam (invited to speak in a special session).
2014 [27-31/10] Morlet Conference "Function Spaces
and Harmonic Analysis" in CIRM, Marseille.
2016 "Probabilistic Harmonic Analysis and Spectral Theory", Mittag-Leffler Institut, July 11 - July 15.
2016 IWOTA in St. Louis, July 18-22.
2016 INDAM meeting: Geometric Function Theory
in Higher Dimension” in Cortona, 4-10 September 2016.
2016 INDAM meeting in Rome, workshop CFT, 12-16 september.
2017 Probability and Analysis, Będlewo, Poland, 15-19 May 2017.

Research related activities.
-2005 Member of the Hiring Committe for a researcher (Assistant Professor) at the University of Milano-Bicocca.
-2005; 6-9/04 XXV Convegno Nazionale di Analisi Armonica, Bologna (organizer);
-2005; 11/14-05 Analysis Conference on the Interplay of Complex Variables, Probability and Partial Differential Equations, St. Louis (in the organizing committee);
-2008; 29-31/05 Function Spaces and Their Operators, St. Louis (in the organizing committee).
-2010: Representation Theory and Vision, Bologna, 20-21september (short courses): in the organizing committee.
-2011; MSRI in Berkeley (20 june-1 july): The Dirichlet Space: Connections between Operator Theory, Function Theory, and Complex Analysis, (Summer Graduate Workshop): in the organizing committee.
-2012: referee for a research grant of the Israel Science Foundation.
-2012: external referee for the committee deciding on promotions in an university in US.
-2012: grant of the GNAMPA.
-2013: in the organizing committee of the international conference Hilbert Spaces of Holomorphic Functions, to be held at Gargnano sul Garda in May 20-24 2013.
-2014; In the scientific committee of the session "Complex Analysis and Operator Theory" of the First Joint International Meeting RSME-SCM-SEMA-SIMAI-UMI, Bilbao, 30 June - 4 July.
-2015: referee for a grantn of the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation.
-2015 Co-organizer of ACOTCA 2105 ("Advanced Course in Operator Theory and Complex Analysis"); Bologna 9-11/06.
2016 Nel comitato scientifico dell'INDAM meeting in Roma, workshop CFT, 12-16 settembre.
-2016 Co-organizzatore dei minicorsi ACOTCA 2105 ("Advanced Course in Operator Theory and Complex Analysis"); Lyon 13-15/06.
-2016 referee for a grant of the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ).
-2017 Co-organizer of ACOTCA 2105 ("Advanced Course in Operator Theory and Complex Analysis"); Madrid 19-22/06.
-2017; 29/05-02/06 Co-organizer of the second international conference on Hilbert Funciont Spaces in Gargnano sul Garda.

Referee of international math. journals:
-Ark. Math.;
-Publications Màtematiques;
-J. Math. Anal. Appl.;
-Conformal Geometry and Dynamics;
-Math. Z.;
-J. Functional Analysis;
-J. Fourier Analysis and its Applications;
-Complex Variables and Differential Equations;
-Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae Mathematica;
-Mediterranean J. of Math.;
and others.

Direction of research:

POSDOC: Dr. DANIEL BLASI, with a postdoc fellowship from the Istituto di Studi Avanzati dell'Universit` di Bologna (2009, January-June);

PhD. Ms. MARIA ROSARIA TUPPUTI, graduated in June 2012 from the U. of Bologna.

Dr. GIULIA SARFATTI (research fellowship from U. of Bologna), September 2013-2015

M. MATTEO LEVI (PhD student, starting 2016)

NIKOLAOS CHALMOUKIS(PhD student, starting 2017)

6. dott. PAVEL MOZOLYAKO (POSTDOC 09/2017-08/2018)