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Neven Andjelic

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Department of Political and Social Sciences




In English:

- ‘Bosnia-Herzegovina: The end of a Legacy’, (Frank Cass Publishers, London, 2003)

In Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian:

- ‘Kratki pogled na socijaldemokratiju u Bosni i Hercegovini: 100 godina SDP-a’, Forum lijeve inicijative, Sarajevo 2009 (A Short Overview of Social-Democracy in Bosnia-Herzegovina: 100 Years of SDP)

- ‘Kratka povijest ljudskih prava’, ACIPS and Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Sarajevo 2008 (‘Short History of Human Rights’)

- ‘Bosna i Hercegovina izmedju Tita i rata’, (Samizdat B92, Beograd, 2005) (Bosnia-Herzegovina between Tito and War)

Chapters in books or journals:

-‘Serbia and the EU: National Values or European/' in: Europe and its Neighbours: From Morocco to Moscow, Regent's Report 2015, pp. 116-121

-'National Promotion and Eurovision: From Besieged Sarajevo to the Floodlights of Europe' in: Contemporary Southeastern Europe 2015, 3(2)

-‘Timeline Following the Development of Transatlantic Relations Over the Past 100 Years’ in: Transatlantic Relations: A European Perspective, The Regent’s Report 2014, pp. 136-160

-'Is Bosnia a Functioning State?' in: Balkans in Europe Policy Blog, Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz, 28/10/2014

-‘The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia: Politics and Football in the Service of Nation(s)’ in: Sudost-Europa, Vol. 62, No. 2, 2014, pp. 99-125

-'Bosnia's Great Wars: Review of the book: Hoare, M.A., The Bosnian Muslims in the Second World War: A History [], London, Hurst, 2013. (Transitions Online, URL: 25/07/2014

- 'The State of International Humanitarian Law as a Consequence of the History of South Slavs’ Nation-Building Processes' in: Croatian Political Science Review, Vol. 50, No. 5, 2013, pp. 53-73.

- Book Review of Jessie Hronešová, Everyday Ethno-national identities of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, (Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien: 2012: Peter Lang Publishers). ISBN 978-3-631-63275-8. Journal Southeastern Europe 37 (2013) 237–248

- ‘Citizenship versus Nationality’, a chapter in: Bowman, Glenn and Hudson, Robert, (eds.), ‘After Yugoslavia: Identities and Politics within the Successor States’ (Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK 2012)

- ‘Book Review’, Co-Author in Brunnbauer, Ulf, Pavlowitch, Stevan K., Andjelic, Neven, Bogdan, Jolan, Oklopi, Zoran, Radeljic, Branislav, Katsikas, Stefanos and Schüttpelz, Oliver(2009), ‘Book Reviews’ in the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, Volume 11, Number 1, March 2009

- ‘Serbia’s Eurovision: Whose Victory’, Open Democracy: (30 May 2007)

- ‘State without the Nation, Nations without the State’ published on the website ‘Democracy Pulse’: (2007)

- ‘Human Rights in the EU States of the “Big Wave”’ in ‘Balkan Human Rights Yearbook’, (Balkan Human Rights Network, Sarajevo 2006)

- ‘Arret sur langage en Bosnie-Herzegovine’ in: ‘Raisons Politiques: La Republique des langues’, (Paris 2001)

- ‘L’Evolution De La Societe Civile Dans La Bosnie-Herzegovine D’Avant-Guerre’, (Balkanologie, Volume IV – Numero 1, Paris 2000)

- ‘The Evolution of Civil Society in a Pre-War Bosnia-Herzegovina’ in Bianchini, S. and Schopflin, G., eds., ‘State Building in the Balkans: Dilemmas on the Eve of the 21st Century’, (Longo Editore, Ravenna, 1998)

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