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Monica Rubini

Full Professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/05 Social Psychology

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Psychology of Wellbeing and Social Inclusivity


JuanJuan Wei, Michela Candini, Laura Menabo, Annalisa Guarini, Monica Rubini, Francesca Frassinetti, Belonging matters: The impact of social identification with classmates, friends, and family on interpersonal distance and bullying/cyberbullying in adolescence, «PLOS ONE», 2024, 19, Article number: e0297370 , pp. 1 - 16 [Scientific article]

Crocetti, E; Karatas, S; Branje, S; Bobba, B; Rubini, M, Navigating across heritage and destination cultures: How personal identity and social identification processes relate to domain-specific acculturation orientations in adolescence, «JOURNAL OF YOUTH AND ADOLESCENCE», 2024, 53, pp. 397 - 415 [Scientific article]

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Mazzuca S.; Moscatelli S.; Menegatti M.; Rubini M., Men’s reactions to gender inequality in the workplace: From relative deprivation on behalf of women to collective action, «FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY», 2022, 13, Article number: 999750 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

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