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Monica Palmirani

Full Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/20 Philosophy of Law

Coordinator of PhD Programme in Law, Science and Technology


Recent dissertations supervised by the teacher.

Second cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • A vision of the framework of data altruism through an analytical approach.
  • Application of Text Mining Techniques for the Analysis of Hate Speech in Public Online Consultations A Natural Language Processing Analysis for the Creation of Supporing Tools for Citizenship and Policymakers in Understanding and Counteracting Hate Speech on E-participatory Platforms
  • Hate Speech Dashboard for Local Communities
  • Legal Drafting assistito da tecniche di text mining. Il caso di LEOS presso la Commissione Europea.

Single cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • "The Over-indebtedness Italian Legislation Through the “Layout” of Legal Design: a Case Study From Sicily"
  • Analisi degli AI ACT: Una comparazione tra UE, UK E USA
  • Big data ed etica dei dati: il regolamento europeo sulla governance dei dati
  • La profilazione dei dati personali nella Data Strategy europea
  • metaverso e cybersecurity. concetti, tecnologie, sfide.
  • Metaverso, privacy e AI: La necessità di un equilibrio normativo alle frontiere del nuovo mondo virtuale

PhD programmes thesis

  • Big data analysis systems in IoE environments for managing privacy and data protection: pseudonymity, de-anonymization and the right to be forgotten
  • Big data and AI applications for health and research. Co-regulation mechanisms as a prosed solution for data protection law issues
  • Distributed argumentation technology: advancing risk analysis and regulatory compliance of distributed ledger technologies for transaction and management of securities
  • Internet of healthcare (law): privacy and data protection aspects in an internet of everything