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Monica Caffara

Associate Professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: VET/06 Parasitology and Animal Parasitic Diseases


Keywords: Parasitic diseases Zoonoses Aquatic animals Molecular diagnosis

1. Epidemiological surveys of helminthic zoonoses in marine and freshwater fish with reference to the families Diphyllobothridae, Opisthorchidae, Anisakidae.
2. Studies of the major parasitic diseases in aquatic animals, both wild and farmed, and definition of their pathogenic effects on the host. Studies on life cycle and epidemiology of Myxozoan and Microsporidian parasites of freshwater and marine fish.
3. Study on Cryptosporidium infections in aquatic and terrestrial animals
4. Morphological and molecular analysis on Clinostomum spp.

1. Surveys on bio-epidemiology of fish parasites potentially pathogenic to humans: characterization of larval stages of nematodes Anisakidae in marine fish caught along the Italian coast and imported from foreign countries; prevalence studies and molecular identification of plerocercoids larvae of Diphyllobothriidae tapeworms and other Pseudophyllidea in lakes fish species; study on the life cycle and distribution of digeneans such as Opisthorchis in freshwater fish and molecular characterization of the metacercarie.

2. Researches on the prevalence and intensity of infection of protozoan and metazoan parasites in aquatic animals: definition of risk factors and pathological effects of ectoparasites (flagellates, ciliates, monogeneans and crustaceans) and endoparasite (coccidia, microsporidians, digeneans, tapeworms and nematodes) in fish reared in extensive and intensive systems and in wild fish;  molecular identification of parasites belonging to the Phylum Microspora in freshwater and marine fish.

3. Research on Myxozoan parasites of freshwater and marine fish: study of the pathological effects and development of molecular techniques for the diagnosis of enteromixosi by Enteromyxum leei in farmed gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)

4.Taxonomic revision of Digenea Clinostomidae by a combined morphological and molecular taxonomical approach


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