Foto del docente

Mirko Mirabella

Adjunct professor

Department of Architecture

Teaching tutor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Curriculum vitae

Mirko Mirabella holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Bologna.

Since 2009 he has collaborated with the Wireless Communications Lab (WiLAB) of the University of Bologna for the development and implementation of digital signal processing algorithms on DSP and FPGA.

His areas of interest include the Model Based Design paradigm, development for domotic applications, sensor networks, digital signal processing, automatic code generation for microcontroller and microprocessor and FPGA systems, computer vision, environmental monitoring.

Recently, he has been involved in the development of DVB-S2 second generation digital satellite telecommunications systems, TAG identification software with RFID systems, sensor networks with cloud processing of the acquired information, Computer Vision for object identification. vehicles and people.

The skills acquired over the years allowed him, in March 2018, to found Neptune s.r.l. of which today he is Administrator.

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