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Michele Palermo

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/09 Structural Engineering


Ebrahimi Majumerd M.J.; Mohammadi Dehcheshmeh E.; Broujerdian V.; Laghi V.; Palermo M., Introducing a base-rocking dual-core braced-frame system equipped with vertical buckling-restrained fuses, «BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING», 2023, 2023, pp. 1 - 23 [Scientific article]

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Marra, Matteo; Palermo, Michele; Silvestri, Stefano, The "direct-five step procedure for existing buildings": development and first application, «PROCEDIA STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY», 2023, 44, pp. 1482 - 1489 [Scientific article]

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Michele Palermo, Vittoria Laghi, Giada Gasparini, Stefano Silvestri, Tomaso Trombetti, A multi-performance seismic design procedure to incorporate Crescent Shaped Braces in mid-rise frame structures, «SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING», 2022, 164, Article number: 107625 , pp. 1 - 20 [Scientific article]

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Matteo Marra, Michele Palermo, Stefano Silvestri, Tomaso Trombetti, L’effetto della corrosione per “pitting” sulla risposta forza-spostamento di trefoli in acciaio, in: Atti del convegno FABRE: Ponti, Viadotti e Gallerie Esistenti, 2022, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: FABRE, Lucca, Italy, 2-4 Febbraio 2022) [Abstract]

Laghi V.; Palermo M.; Tonelli L.; Gasparini G.; Girelli V.A.; Ceschini L.; Trombetti T., Mechanical response of dot-by-dot wire-and-arc additively manufactured 304L stainless steel bars under tensile loading, «CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS», 2022, 318, Article number: 125925 , pp. 1 - 19 [Scientific article]

Matteo Marra, Michele Palermo, Stefano Silvestri, Tomaso Trombetti, On the influence of corrosion on the force-displacement behaviour of steel wires and strands, in: Proceedings of the Italian Concrete Conference 2022 (ICC 2022), 2022, pp. 1 - 7 (atti di: Il calcestruzzo nella transizione ecologica - Concrete in the ecological transition. ITALIAN CONCRETE CONFERENCE 2022 (AICAP-CTE), Napoli, Italia, 12-15 October 2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Mokhtari E.; Palermo M.; Laghi V.; Incerti A.; Mazzotti C.; Silvestri S., Quasi-static cyclic tests on a half-scaled two-storey steel frame equipped with Crescent Shaped Braces at both storeys: Experimental vs. numerical response, «JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING», 2022, 62, Article number: 105371 , pp. 1 - 17 [Scientific article]

Silvestri S.; Mansour S.; Marra M.; Distl J.; Furinghetti M.; Lanese I.; Hernandez-Montes E.; Neri C.; Palermo M.; Pavese A.; Rizzo Parisi E.; Sadowski A.J.; Selva F.; Taniguchi T.; Vadrucci L.; Weber F., Shaking table tests of a full-scale flat-bottom manufactured steel silo filled with wheat: Main results on the fixed-base configuration, «EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING & STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS», 2022, 51, pp. 169 - 190 [Scientific article]Open Access

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