Foto del docente

Maurizio Marano

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Economics and Accounting

Curriculum vitae

1. Personal Details

Born in 1966

Nationality: Italian


2. Current positions:

Since 2004, January: Associate Professor (Professore associato) in Accounting and Business Administration, Department of Management – University of Bologna.

Since 2015, June: Scientific Director of the Regional School of Sport, Italian National Olympic Committee, Region Emilia-Romagna (Scuola regionale dello Sport, CONI Emilia-Romagna)– web:

Since 2017, December: President of Observatory on environmental sustainability (Osservatorio sulla sostenibilità ambientale) – web:

Since 2018, September: Delegate of the Rector for Sports Activities, University of Bologna web:

Since 2018, December: Member of the board of Unisport Italia, network for university sport established by 40 italian universities - web:

Since 2019 November, Director of Second Cycle Degree (Master) of Economics and Accounting


3. Previous positions:

2012 (November) - 2018 (October): Director of the Bachelor program in Business Administration (Corso di laurea in Economia Aziendale), University of Bologna

1994 (October) – 2004 (January): Lecturer (Ricercatore) in Accounting, Department of Management – University of Bologna.


4. Main research interests:

Social reporting, Sustainability reporting, Non financial Information, Cooperative firms, Sports Organizations


5. Main teaching duties:

  • Principles of Business Administration, Bachelor in Business Administration;
  • Financial and Social Reporting (Master in Management of Social Econonomy)
  • Performance Measurement (Master in Economics and Accounting)
  • Performance Measurement (Master in Economics of cooperative firms)


6. Education

1994 Ph.D. in Accounting and Business Administration – University of Pisa – Dissertation title: “The Holding structure in the economy of firms” (“La struttura di gruppo nell’economia delle imprese”) – Supervisor: Prof. Leda Matteuzzi Mazzoni

1993: Summer School in Teaching Methods (Scuola estiva in Metodologia della didattica), Aidea, Italy

1992: Summer School in Research Methodology (Scuola estiva in Metodologia della ricerca), Aidea, Italy

1990 Master Degree in Business Administration, University of Bologna – Dissertation title: “Decision processes in managerial activity” – Supervisor: Prof. Leda Matteuzzi Mazzoni - Final grade: 110/110 with honor (at that time, in Italy there was a single 4 years higher education cycle which included both bachelor level and master’s level)

1986 Accounting High School “I.T.C. Guglielmo Marconi” Bologna