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Maurizio Bergamaschi

Full Professor

Department of Sociology and Business Law

Academic discipline: SPS/10 Urban and Environmental Sociology

Useful contents

Sociologia urbana e rurale

Sociologia urbana e rurale It is the only Italian journal of sociology of the environment and the territory and publishes theoretical and empirical studies mainly related to the transformations of urban and rural areas.

Study, reasearch and documents collection on immigration

Cestim is an association of practitioners, social workers and educators dealing –as part of their professional duties or as volunteers– with immigrants and with their issues throughout various domains (e.g. trade unions, social and health services, schools and universities, editorial and public administration ...

The AIS Territorial Sociology Section

The AIS Territorial Sociology Section includes scholars who are prevalently members of SPS/10 scientific sector, “Sociology of Territory and Environment”. In the following pages you can find news, documents and links about the activity of our Section and its members.