Foto del docente

Maurilio Pirone

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: SPS/01 Political Philosophy


Keywords: platform capitalism; logistics; unionism; labour; digital technologies; globalization

Although my research areas are principally political philosophy and economic sociology, I like to span disciplines.

I am mainly concerned with platform calitalism, processes of unionization in the urban context, labor discipline and organization, digital technologies, social and urban movements, logistics and globalization, and the political role of infrastructure.

I mainly adopt qualitative research techniques but also have skills in software analysys.

Within the INCA project I am involved in developing a historical-political framework for understanding the so-called digital revolution and in the field research on the impact of Amazon in the metropolitan area of Bologna.

For COST Action P-WILL, on the other hand, I contribute to policy development and mapping strategies for the regulation of platform work.

Finally, with the Into the Black Box research group we focused on the role that logistics and digitization play in redefining global processes.

Previously, I have also dealt with the relationship between urban spaces, platform work and new forms of unionism.