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Matteo Minelli

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/24 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering


Francesco Miccio ,Elettra Papa,Annalisa Natali Murri,Elena Landi,Matteo Minelli, Pressurized Steam Conversion of Biomass Residues for Liquid Hydrocarbons Generation, «ENERGIES», 2021, 14, Article number: 1034 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Bilchak C.R.; Jhalaria M.; Huang Y.; Abbas Z.; Midya J.; Benedetti F.M.; Parisi D.; Egger W.; Dickmann M.; Minelli M.; Doghieri F.; Nikoubashman A.; Durning C.J.; Vlassopoulos D.; Jestin J.; Smith Z.P.; Benicewicz B.C.; Rubinstein M.; Leibler L.; Kumar S.K., Tuning Selectivities in Gas Separation Membranes Based on Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles, «ACS NANO», 2020, 14, pp. 17174 - 17183 [Scientific article]

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Minelli, Matteo; Sarti, Giulio C.*, Gas transport in glassy polymers: Prediction of diffusional time lag, «MEMBRANES», 2018, 8, Article number: 8 , pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]

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