Foto del docente

Matteo Berti

Full Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/05 Engineering Geology


R.M. Iverson; M. Logan; R.G. LaHusen; M. Berti, The Perfect Debris Flow? Aggregated Results from 28 Large-scale Experiments, «JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH», 2010, 115, Article number: F03005 , pp. 1 - 29 [Scientific article]

Berti M.; Simoni A., Prediction of debris flow inundation areas using empirical mobility relationships, «GEOMORPHOLOGY», 2007, 90, pp. 144 - 161 [Scientific article]

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Casadio M.; Elmi C.; Berti M., Stabilità dei pendii e frane, in: CASADIO M. ELMI C., Il Manuale del Geologo, BOLOGNA, Pitagora Editrice, 2006, pp. 333 - 378 [Chapter or essay]

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SIMONI A; BERTI M; GENERALI M; ELMI C; GHIROTTI M., Preliminary results from pore pressure monitoring on an unstable clay slope., «ENGINEERING GEOLOGY», 2004, 73.1/2, pp. 117 - 128 [Scientific article]

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