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Martina Vincieri

Assistant professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/07 Labour Law

Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employee wellbeing and non-discrimination at work Member

Curriculum vitae

2007: Researcher in Labour and employment Law, Bologna University Law School and “A. Cicu” Law Institute. 

2006: PhD in Labour Law and Industrial relations (final dissertation on “The relationship of job of the cooperative associate: qualification and techniques of protection”). 

Works on the editorial board of "Rivista Italiana di Diritto del Lavoro" (from 2008), of "Diritto della sicurezza sul lavoro" (from 2016), of "Lavoro e Previdenza Oggi" (from 2020).

Member of the Italian Association of Labour Law and Social Security (from 2002).  

From 2001/2002 to present: conducts scientific and didactic activity - University of Bologna. 

Participation in the seminar of Comparative Labour Law "Pontignano XX" on "atypical work", held in Pontignano, Siena  July 20 - 26 2003.

2006/2007: collaboration with Prof. Carlo Zoli and Prof. Giorgio Bolego – Research project entitled "Discrimination and Methods of Protection  against acts and behavior".

2008: participation on a  research project entitled "Work Organization and new ways of Work Performance", in collaboration with the Center for International and Comparative Studies "Marco Biagi" - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

2012: participation on a european research project entitled "Independent professional working in selected EU States: seeking the success factors", in collaboration with the European Forum of Independent Professionals (Project Director Professor Patricia Leighton, University of Glamorgan, UK).

2016: participation on a research project entitled "New forms of Social Security" in preparation for the World Congress of the International Association of Labor Law and Social Security.

Since 2018: participation on a research project PRIN 2017, entitled "WORKING POOR N.E.E.D.S.: New Equalities, Dignified work, professionalism" (Scientific coordinator prof. Marina Brollo, Scientific director prof. Carlo Zoli).

Teaching responsabilities include:

Welfare Law, School of Law, University of Bologna;
Labour Law, School of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna.

Main research topics: the relationship of job of the cooperative associate; health and industrial safety; good practices; discrimination; liability and damages to the person; social protection and basic income. 

Collaboration with principal law reviews.