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Martina Stefanini

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/28 Oral Diseases and Dentistry


Zucchelli G.; Barootchi S.; Tavelli L.; Stefanini M.; Rasperini G.; Wang H.-L., Implant soft tissue Dehiscence coverage Esthetic Score (IDES): A pilot within- and between-rater analysis of consistency in objective and subjective scores, «CLINICAL ORAL IMPLANTS RESEARCH», 2021, 1, pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]

Stefanini M.; Mounssif I.; Barootchi S.; Tavelli L.; Wang H.-L.; Zucchelli G., An exploratory clinical study evaluating safety and performance of a volume-stable collagen matrix with coronally advanced flap for single gingival recession treatment, «CLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS», 2020, 24, pp. 3181 - 3191 [Scientific article]

Zucchelli G.; Tavelli L.; Barootchi S.; Stefanini M.; Wang H.-L.; Cortellini P., Clinical Remarks on the Significance of Tooth Malposition and Papillae Dimension on the Prediction of Root Coverage, «THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY», 2020, 40, pp. 795 - 803 [Scientific article]

Rasperini G.; Tavelli L.; Barootchi S.; McGuire M.K.; Zucchelli G.; Pagni G.; Stefanini M.; Wang H.-L.; Giannobile W.V., Interproximal attachment gain: The challenge of periodontal regeneration, «JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY», 2020, 5, pp. 1 - 16 [Scientific article]

Zucchelli, Giovanni; Stefanini, Martina, La gestione dei tessuti molli peri-implantari, «DENTAL CADMOS», 2020, 88, pp. 1 - 20 [Scientific article]

Tavelli L.; Barootchi S.; Di Gianfilippo R.; Kneifati A.; Majzoub J.; Stefanini M.; Zucchelli G.; Wang H.-L., Patient experience of autogenous soft tissue grafting has an implication for future treatment: A 10 to 15-year cross-sectional study, «JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY», 2020, 18, pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]

Stefanini M.; Marzadori M.; Tavelli L.; Bellone P.; Zucchelli G., Peri-implant papillae reconstruction at an esthetically failing implant, «THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY», 2020, 40, pp. 213 - 222 [Scientific article]

Del Amo F.S.L.; Yu S.-H.; Sammartino G.; Sculean A.; Zucchelli G.; Rasperini G.; Felice P.; Pagni G.; Iorio-Siciliano V.; Grusovin M.G.; Salvi G.E.; Rebaudi A.; Luongo G.; Krauser J.T.; Stefanini M.; Blasi A.; Mouhyi J.; Amor F.B.; Hamasni F.M.; Valavanis K.; Simonpieri A.; Osman A.M.; Qorri E.; Rullo R.; Naipoglu A.; Bruno V.; Marenzi G.; Riccitiello F.; Gasparro R.; Mardas N.; Spagnuolo G.; Fortunato L.; Wang H.-L., Peri-implant soft tissue management: Cairo opinion consensus conference, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH», 2020, 17, pp. 1 - 9 [Scientific article]

Stefanini M.; Rendon A.; Zucchelli G., Porcine-derived acellular dermal matrix for buccal soft tissue augmentation at single implant sites: A 1-year follow-up case series, «THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY», 2020, 40, pp. 121 - 128 [Scientific article]

Zucchelli G.; Tavelli L.; Stefanini M.; Barootchi S.; Mazzotti C.; Gori G.; Wang H.-L., Classification of facial peri-implant soft tissue dehiscence/deficiencies at single implant sites in the esthetic zone, «JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY», 2019, 90, pp. 1116 - 1124 [Scientific article]

Zucchelli G.; Tavelli L.; Barootchi S.; Stefanini M.; Rasperini G.; Valles C.; Nart J.; Wang H.-L., The influence of tooth location on the outcomes of multiple adjacent gingival recessions treated with coronally advanced flap: A multicenter re-analysis study, «JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY», 2019, 90, pp. 1244 - 1251 [Scientific article]

Zucchelli, Giovanni; Felice, Pietro; Mazzotti, Claudio; Marzadori, Matteo; Mounssif, Ilham; Monaco, Carlo; Stefanini, Martina, 5-year outcomes after coverage of soft tissue dehiscence around single implants: A prospective cohort study, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY», 2018, 11, pp. 215 - 224 [Scientific article]

Stefanini, Martina; Zucchelli, Giovanni; Marzadori, Matteo; de Sanctis, Massimo, Coronally Advanced Flap with Site-Specific Application of Connective Tissue Graft for the Treatment of Multiple Adjacent Gingival Recessions: A 3-Year Follow-Up Case Series, «THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY», 2018, 38, pp. 25 - 33 [Scientific article]

Marzadori, Matteo; Stefanini, Martina; Sangiorgi, Matteo; Mounssif, Ilham; Monaco, Carlo; Zucchelli, Giovanni, Crown lengthening and restorative procedures in the esthetic zone, «PERIODONTOLOGY 2000», 2018, 0, pp. 84 - 92 [Scientific article]

Stefanini, Martina; Marzadori, Matteo; Aroca, Sofia; Felice, Pietro; Sangiorgi, Matteo; Zucchelli, Giovanni, Decision making in root-coverage procedures for the esthetic outcome, «PERIODONTOLOGY 2000», 2018, 0, pp. 56 - 64 [Scientific article]

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