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Martina Stefanini

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/28 Oral Diseases and Dentistry


M. Mele; M. Stefanini; M. Marzadori; C. Mazzotti; G. Zucchelli., Gummy smile. Periodontal treatment in patients with passive altered eruption., «JOURNAL DE PARODONTOLOGIE & D'IMPLANTOLOGIE ORALE», 2010, 29, pp. 287 - 296 [Scientific article]

Zucchelli G; Mele M; Stefanini M; Mazzotti C; Marzadori M; Montebugnoli L, Patient morbidity and root coverage outcome after subepithelial connective tissue and de-epithelialized grafts: a comparative randomized-controlled clinical trial, «JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PERIODONTOLOGY», 2010, 37, pp. 728 - 738 [Scientific article]

Zucchelli G; Mele M; Stefanini M; Mazzotti C; Mounssif I; Marzadori M; Montebugnoli L, Predetermination of root coverage, «JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY», 2010, 81, pp. 1019 - 1026 [Scientific article]

Zucchelli G; Mounssif I; Stefanini M; Mele M; Montebugnoli L; Sforza NM, Hand and ultrasonic instrumentation in combination with root-coverage surgery: a comparative controlled randomized clinical trial., «JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY», 2009, 80, pp. 577 - 585 [Scientific article]

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