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Martin Gonzalez Eiras

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics


The political economy of early COVID-19 interventions in US states (with Dirk Niepelt), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Special Issue, forthcoming

Resolution of financial crises (with Sebastián Fanelli), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 133, 104252, December 2021

Women's representation in politics: The effect of the electoral system (with Carlos Sanz), Journal of Public Economics, 128, 104399, June 2021

Dynamic tax externalities and the U.S. fiscal transformation (with Dirk Niepelt). Journal of Monetary Economics, 114, 144-158, October 2020

On the optimal 'lockdown' during an epidemic (with Dirk Niepelt). Covid Economics, 7, 68-87, April 2020

Politico-economic equivalence (with Dirk Niepelt). Review of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 18, 843-862, October 2015

Ageing, government budgets, retirement, and growth (with Dirk Niepelt). European Economic Review, Vol. 56(1), 97-115, January 2012

Social security as Markov equilibrium in OLG models: A note. Review of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 14, 549-552, July 2011

Cuotas y poder de voto en el FMI: Teoría y evidencia. Ensayos Económicos del Banco Central de la República Argentina, Vol. 55, 57-91, July-September 2009 (published in Spanish)

The future of social security (with Dirk Niepelt). Journal of Monetary Economics, 55(2), 197-218, March 2008 (lead article)

Financial Innovation, Market Participation, and Asset Prices (with Laurent Calvet and Paolo Sodini). Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 39(3), 431-459, September 2004 (lead article)

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