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Martin Gonzalez Eiras

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics

Curriculum vitae

Previous Positions


[2013-2021:] Associate Professor (with tenure), Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

[2009--2015:] Research Affiliate, CONICET, Argentina.

[2012--2013:] Associate Professor, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile.

[2000--2011:] Assistant Professor, Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina.



[2005--2006:] Consultant, Project ``Does Society Win or Lose as a Result of Privatization? Provision of Public Services and Welfare of the Poor", Inter-American Development Bank.

[2000--2001:] Consultant, National Senate, Argentina.

[Winter and Spring 1995:] Consultant, CMS Energy, Argentina.



[1995--2000:] Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PhD. in Economics.

[1994:] Centro de Estudios Macroeconómicos Argentinos, Argentina, M.A. in Economics.

[1986--1994:] Universidad de Buenos Aires, M.Sc. in Physics, Summa Cum Laude.

[1986--1993:] Universidad de Buenos Aires, B.Sc. in Economics, Summa Cum Laude.


PhD Supervisions

[2021--:] Fabio Franceschini (University of Bologna)

[2017--2021:] Rasmus Kehlet Berg (University of Copenhagen)

[2010--2012:] Ignacio Munyo (Universidad de San Andrés)

[2000--2002:] Gustavo Genoni (Boston University)


Awards and Honors

[2020:] "María de Maeztu" Visiting Professor, CEMFI.

[2017--2018:] Research Fellow, Banco de España.

[2015--2017:] Research Grant, EPRN Network, Denmark.

[2011--2014:] Research Grant, CONICET.

[2011--2012:] Research Grant, Universidad de San Andrés.

[2010--2011:] Research Grant, Universidad de San Andrés.

[2009--2010:] Research Grant, Fulbright Foundation, USA.

[2003:] Research Grant, Stiftelsen Wennergrenska Samfundet, Sweden.

[2003:] First Prize Medal, category Financial Markets, Global Development Network.

[2002:] Research Grant, Fundación Antorchas, Argentina.

[1997--1998:] Fellowship, Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

[1995--1997:] Fellowship, Organization of American States.

[1992--1995:] Fellowship, Universidad de Buenos Aires.


Scientific focus areas

Macroeconomics, Finance, Political Economy, Public Finance


Publications in Refereed Journals

The political economy of early COVID-19 interventions in US states (with Dirk Niepelt), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 140, 104309, July 2022

Resolution of financial crises (with Sebastián Fanelli). Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control,133, 104252, December 2021

Women's representation in politics: The effect of electoral systems (with Carlos Sanz). Journal of Public Economics, 128, 104399, June 2021

Dynamic tax externalities and the U.S. fiscal transformation (with Dirk Niepelt). Journal of Monetary Economics, 114, 144-158, October 2020

On the optimal ‘lockdown’ during an epidemic (with Dirk Niepelt), Covid Economics, 7, 68-87, April 2020

Politico-Economic Equivalence (with Dirk Niepelt). Review of Economic Dynamics, 18, 843-862, October 2015

Ageing, Government Budgets, Retirement and Growth (with Dirk Niepelt). European Economic Review, 56(1), 97-115, January 2012

Social security as Markov equilibrium in OLG models: a note. Review of Economic Dynamics, 14, 549-552, July 2011

Cuotas y poder de voto en el FMI: teoria y evidencia. Ensayos Económicos del Banco Central de la Republica Argentina, 55, 57-91, July-September 2009

The future of social security (with Dirk Niepelt). Journal of Monetary Economics, 55(2), 197-218, March 2008 (lead article)

Financial Innovation, Market Participation, and Asset Prices (with Laurent Calvet and Paolo Sodini). Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 39(3), 431-459, September 2004 (lead article)


Book Chapters

The impact of Electricity Sector Privatization on Public Health (with Martín Rossi). In A. Chong, editor, Privatization for the Public Good? Harvard University Press, 2008


Advanced Work in Progress

Optimally Controlling an Epidemic (with Dirk Niepelt)

Cooperation and Retaliation in Legislative Bargaining (with Agustín Casas), under review

Fundamentals and Optimal Institutions: The case of US sports leagues (with Nikolaj Harmon and Martín Rossi), Udesa WP No. 128

Social Security Design and its Political Support (with Rasmus K. Berg)

How Much is Being a Primary Dealer Worth? Evidence from Argentinian Treasury Auctions (with Jakub Kastl and Jesper Rudiger), University of Copenhagen Department of Economics Discussion Paper 17-13 (earlier version)

Why Might the Old Want to Honor Sovereign Debt?


Working Papers

Tractable Epidemiological Models for Economic Analysis (with Dirk Niepelt). 2020. CEPR WP 14791.

Intergenerational Conflict and International Risk Sharing. 2010. Udesa WP No. 106

Determinants of Capital Intensive and R&D Intensive Foreign Direct Invesment (with José Maurício Prado, Jr.). 2007. IIES Seminar Paper No. 753

Sustaining Social Security (with Dirk Niepelt). 2005. CESifo WP No. 1494

Banks' Liquidity Demand in the Presence of a Lender of Last Resort. 2003. Udesa WP No. 61


Professional Activities

Member of Programme Committee

Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009

Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2001


Languague Skills

Spanish: native

English: proficient

French: proficient

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