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Maria Teresa Guerrini

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: M-STO/02 Modern History

Curriculum vitae

Maria Teresa Guerrini got her degree in Literature and Philosophy in 1998. She spent two years working on a project about the presence of scholars and teachers at the University of Bologna in the early modern age. She expanded that same topic during her PhD studies in Modern and Contemporary History at the University of  Cagliari. She gained her degree in 2004. Her final dissertation lead to the publication of a catalogue about the doctors in law who graduated from the University of Bologna during the early modern age. It also set the path for other researches on the careers of all the doctors in law born in Bologna who got their degree at the Alma Mater.

This topic has been dr. Guerrini's main focus during her four year fellowship in the Department of History at the University of Bologna. Her project was financed with a post-doctoral grant during her fifth year.

Since December 2008 dr. Guerrini worked as research at the Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione at the University of Bologna where she taught History of cultural exchanges, Early modern History, and also teaches History of colonial expansion and migration. At the present she works on DiSCi (Dipartimento di storia culture civiltà)

During her PhD studies, dr. Guerrini narrowed the focus of her research on a secondary subject: the mobility of students in Europe. Her interdisciplinary approach to this topic is particularly relevant since she wanted to connect the study of documents left in Bologna by young students during their peregrination academica, with the study of travel's diaries, letters and libri amicorum written during these experiences. Inevitably, history and literature merged into her research. Actually she directs the MEUS (Museo europeo degli studenti into SMA - Sistema Museale d'Ateneo of the University of Bologna).

An international network composed of several Italian universities, financed by the FIRB, gave birth to the ASFE database in which information about teachers' and students' movements through several Italian and European Universities in the Modern Age are now collected.

Dr. Guerrini has been working on this project since the very beginning. She has been collecting material, putting data and information into the database. The strong collaboration with CISUI (Interuniversity Centre for the Study of Italian Universities) brought to the creation of network of contacts with members of many European groups working on this same topics: in Belgium and Holland (FASTI), in Germany (RAG) and in France (Chripa and Repertorium Academicum Pictaviense), and in Italy (Maestri e scolari a Siena e Perugia tra il 1250 e il 1500). Dr Guerrini attended meeting to discussed the appropriate method to manage and organize the databases containing the information about the mobility of students (Heloise groups). Dr. Guerrini participated with her researches on lawyer carriers in Bologna during the early modern period. 

The strong collaboration with important reviews focusing on her research topic, such as “History of Universities” and “Annali di storia delle università italiane”, and her active participation to the online review “Storicamente”, help Dr. Guerrini to keep her to focus on the historical debates she is interested in.