Foto del docente

Maria Luisa Dindo

Full Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/11 General and Applied Entomology


Keywords: Diptera Tachinidae entomophagous insects in vitro and in vivo rearing of insects alien insect species plant-insect-parasitoid interactions edible insects plant extracts

Maria Luisa Dindo' research activity mainly concerns the following topics:

  • Biology of parasitoids, especially Tachinidae
  • In vivo and In vitro rearing techniques of insect parasitoids and predators. Rearing of insect hosts/preys
  • Effects induced by products with insecticide action (Bt products, plant extracts) on non-target insects
  • Sustainable control strategies of insect pests. In particular, new associations between indigenous parasitoids and exotic insects  introduced in Italy
  • Insects as food for humans: potential and limits
  • Rearing techniques of Aedes albopictus, aimed at the development of SIT techniques