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Marialuisa Cipriani

Adjunct professor

Department of Architecture

Curriculum vitae

Synthesis of professional scientific and educational activities


Marialuisa Cipriani is graduated in architecture at the IUAV, University Institute of Architecture of Venice, in 1991. Attains the diploma specialized in gardens architecture, planning and arrangement of landscape at the University of Genova in the year 1995. Moved back to Rimini and opens her own professional studio in 2001 after a period of regular cooperation with professional studios that are specialized in various fields (urban architecture and landscape architecture) in Italy and abroad. The studio's activities are carried out mainly under assignments of public bodies for the development of open space projects and Territorial planning; among which the most important are: the still ongoing project of environmental development of the quarries   in Cal System under assignment  of the Municipality of Rimini – Environment Service; project of environmental and landscaping development of the middle valley of the river Conca in Province of Rimini carried out between 2009 and 2011 under assignment of the Province of Rimini; Conca project: landscape development between the coast and the hinterland carried out under assignment of the Province of Rimini between 2007 and 2008 (special mention in the second edition of the 2010-2011 European Council landscape and 4th place in 2008 IQU Award for innovation and urban quality, moreover, promoted by the Paesaggio Urbano maqazine and by Maggioli Publisher); and finally, the green project of San Clemente which was carried out under assignment of the Municipality in 2005.


In the year 2006 wins the first place award of the national competition in participated and communicative planning called “ Il Centro é nel Parco: urban park for valle ferrovie district announced by INU – ANCI – WWF and the Municipality of Savignano sul Rubicone; a project produced by architect M. Cipriani, architect C. Morri architect B. Neulichedl, architect L. Raffaelli, prof. F. Salbitano, Mr. A. Maturo.

In the same year, 2006, wins the second place award of the ideas competition: Città C'entro announced by Secretary of State for Territory, Environment, Agriculture and the foundation Cassa di Risparmio di San Marino with a project produced by engineer . G. Benvenuti, architect M. Cipriani, architect Claudia Morri, architect S. Pittini, Mr.. A. Salvatori, Mr.. A. Malatesta, Art master A. De Padova

In the year 2005 wins the second place award of the competition planning for the recovery of Villa Giacobazzi and Vistarino park, announced by the Municipality of Sassuolo, with the project elaborated by a group of planners: Spira, prof. ing. E. Giusti, prof. architect M. A. Giusti, architect. M. Cipriani, engineer. G. Mezzadri, architect. Claudia Morri, architect. M. Sirotti, architect. A. Ugolini, architect. S. Salucci.

In 2004 wins first place award ex aequo in the ideas competition “rosa fresca aulentissima”: new ideas for the landscape announced by the Municipality of Verucchio with a project in cooperation with architect Claudia Morri. Since July 2010 is a member of committee Quality of Landscape architecture of San Clemente. Since 2008 performs educational activities within the landscape theme:

Collaborating to the correlation of graduating thesis at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Architecture “Aldo Rossi” . Conducts lectures at Faculty of Architecture “Aldo Rossi” during the academic year 2010 – 2011in the course of “ Landscape Architecture”

Teaching at the urban lab and summer workshop for urban planning, “ I CORTILI DI CERVIA”

Gives lectures , organization and coordination of training courses held by A.I.A.P.P.: Session of Triveneto Emilia – Romagna and Assform.


Rimini, luglio 2011

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