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Maria Eva Giorgioni

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/04 Vegetable and Ornamental Crops

Curriculum vitae

Positions and study path:

Maria Eva Giorgioni is actually holding the position of associate professor and lecturer of ‘Ornamental plant and protected cultivation ', ‘Floriculture', ‘Plant propagation and nursery management', ‘Ornamental plant propagation' and ‘Architectural greening' at Agricultural Science Faculty, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. She took her laurea degree (cum laude) in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bologna in 1982 with a thesis about selection of Lilium cultivars for cut flowers.

From 1982 to 1993 she carried on research activity at The Department of  Fruit tree & Woody plant Sciences thanks to several fellowships on  ornamental plant propagation and protected cultivation; notably, in 1993 she received a 6-month fellowship by The Italian National Research Council (CNR) to study physiological aspects of rose propagation for soilless culture at The Department of Horticulture, Agricultural University of Wageningen (NL). 

From November 1994 to November 2006 she was assistant professor and from November 2006 she is associate professor of Vegetable and Flower cultivation (AGR04) at the Department of  Tree & Woody plant Sciences of Agricultural Science Faculty, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

Teaching activity:

Her teaching activity, starting from A.Y. 1986-1987, is concerning agronomical aspects of ornamental pot plant and cut flower protected cultivation, characterization of structures for plat growing and control of greenhouse environment, physiological and technical topics regarding nursery production with new growing systems, use, management and environmental efficiency of plants for landscaping and architectonic greening.  She has presented invited seminars at postgraduate and specialization courses of the Universities of Viterbo, Torino and Pisa and, from her appointment as assistant professor, is supervisor of 1st, 2nd degree and PhD students.

Scientific activity:

Her scientific activity, undertaken in the 1982,  is especially focused on ornamental herbaceous and shrubby plants grown in open field, in pot and using up-to-date systems as soil-less colture. Her research activities have included the effects of gibberellins on bulbous plant and Araceae flowering, the results of growth retardants (e.g. daminozide, chlormequat, triazoles, phroexadione-Ca) on phenology and canopy architecture of ornamental pot plants and the influence of IBA and NAA on softwoody and woody shrub rooting. At Horticulture Department of Wageningen she studied the factors able to optimise rose propagation by ‘stenting' (e.g. light, temperature, cutting age, leaf surface, IBA amount), too.

Other research works include bulbous plant (e. g. amaryllis, gloriosa, lilium, nerina) and orchid (phalaenopsis, cattleya, cymbidium) in vivo e vitro propagation and the evaluation of lilium, rose, shrub, pelargonium, fucsia, poinsettia and erbaceous plant (dianthus, sedum) new cultivars. Moreover she tested the effects of the quality and intensity of artificial lighting (including LEDs) on green foliage plant photosynthetic activity for the interior landscaping and assessed the performance of zeolitites and quality composted amendments as component of pot media. About compost use, starting from 1999, she is carrying out researches focused on the physio-morphological plant reaction, the chemical composition of leaf tissue and the heavy metal and nutrient leaching during herbaceous ornamental growing. At last, for many years she is working to  valuate the adaptability of ornamental shrubs, especially  groundcover roses, to high temperatures and dried conditions under low maintenance conditions and  to test the suitability of wild species and cultivar from breeding to green roof systems. Moreover, since 2009, she has started a 3 year-resarch about the valuation of the ability of ornamental shrub to extract and accumulate heavy metals  from urban contaminated soil.

 The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Resources, The National Research Council, The Agriculture Department of Emilia-Romagna Region and private organizations of growers and waste composting companies. She is the author of about 90 publications in national and international journals and has published a monographic book about old roses.

She has taken part in many conferences both in Italy and abroad as lecturer and chairman and was convener and member of scientific and organising committees of national and international congresses (e.g. Internation Landscaping Rose Symposium; Faenza 7-8 October 2004) 

Scientific Society affiliations:

She is currently a member of the following organization:

I.S.H.S.- International Society for Horticultural Science,

R.H.S.- Royal Horticultural Society,

S.O.I.- Società Orticola Italiana,

I.R.S.- International Rose Society.



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