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Maria Elena Bontempi

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics

Short Bio

Organizer of the 26th International Panel Data Conference, June 30-3 July 2021.

Coordinator of the SIdE course Panel Data Econometrics: theory and applications

Maria Elena Bontempi, Roberto Golinelli, Michele Frigeri and Matteo Squadrani defined a new indicator of economic and political uncertainty (EURQ [], economic uncertainty related queries) based on the "big data" of internet searches for specific keywords. The indicator has been included in the Economic Policy Uncertainty Index [] website edited by Steven Davis (Chicago University), Nick Bloom (Stanford University) and Scott Baker (Northwestern University), the most influential in the world for the literature studying uncertainty. EURQ is available for US and Italy; under construction for France, Germany and UK.

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Every Tuesday, from 10 am to midday, in my office in Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna. It 's always better to send an email to for agreements on particular needs (day, time and place).

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