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Maria Bigoni

Full Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics

Coordinator of PhD Programme in Economics


Keywords: Experimental economics Collusion Industrial organization Bounded rationality Social Norms Learning Inequality

  • Experimental Economics,
  • Industrial Organization,
  • Bounded Rationality and Behavioral Economics.
  • Social Norms

During the years 2020-2022 my research will focus on the development of the project "At the Roots of Child Development: On the Role of Parental Beliefs, Preferences and Engagement" funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (PRIN 2017).

The project is developed by a single research unit, based in Bologna, which includes Margherita Fort, Chiara Monfardini, Daniela Iorio, Tiziano Arduini and myself. The project is developed in collaboration with Annalisa Giuarini and Alessandra Sansavini of the Department of Psychology of the University of Bologna.

We investigate the determinants of children’s non-cognitive skills and social preferences, focusing on the role of parenting practices. The project comprises three pillars: i) a theoretical model of parental investment; ii) a novel longitudinal dataset on children’s preferences and non-cognitive skills, and parents’ preferences, beliefs, and time-use in activities that involve their child; iii) the exogenous variation in parental beliefs and time-investments induced by a psycho-educational intervention that targets parents through an RCT. We aim at contributing to the creation of a sound empirical and theoretical basis for the design of policies promoting children’s well-being and equality of opportunities.


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