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Maria-Gabriella Baldarelli

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies

Director of First Cycle Degree in Business Economics


Keywords: Gender accounting Social accounting and reporting Social and accessible tourism sustainability Civil Economy Corporate social responsibility accountability ethics and enterprise Economy of communion social Economy tourism Accountability and charisma Women accounting scholar Feminist economics and accounting Accounting and gambling Environmental accounting and reporting

Gender accounting , pink accounting, accountability and charisma, social and environmental accounting and reporting, accountability, corporate social responsibility, CSR networks, I FRS in small and medium entities, business ethics, ethical oriented entities, Civil economy , social Economy, Economy of communion entities, soustainable tourism, financial statement in travel agencies and tour operators.

-Accounting and gender is analysed  using historical perspective , trying to understand the role of women inside of the wider research are of accounting and charity. the role of wemen is analysed using accounting procedures and accounting risults 

-Women accounting Schorals means the contribution of women scholars to de development of accounting considering: scientific production, taking part to the boards of scientific Journals and associations

-The relationship between accountability e charisma is developing using literature review about soscial accounting and literature that states that accounting has a very important role in society. Then is analysed how the charismatic leadership may influence accounting in theory and in praxis.

Turism, tour operator and travel agencies: business administration and financial accounting and reporting analysis. Sustainibility in their activities. 

Civil Ecomy- It consist of defining organizations that are involved in it and what are elements about mission, governance and accountability.

-Economy of Communion enterprises are entities that want to obtain world fraternity using the way of enteprise.

-Social , etical and environmental accounting and accountability has the aim to analyze different models  to disclose information of entity and to ameliorate democracy and trasparency.

IFRS in finacial accounting in Italy and in Croacia.

Ethics and enterprise has the objective to study link among CSR( corporate social responsibility; Catholic social though and best practices of business administration.

Network analysis evolution and  study new aggregations such as Industrial poles.

-Drivers that are facing new challenges in social and environmental accounting research

- Research question: “What are the drivers that are capable of  facing new challenges within social and environmental accounting research, both in theory and in praxis?”.    The research design will involve a literature review of the new challenges that entities will face in the future and the emerging needs of a new paradigm that derives from enterprise culture innovation. The needs that emerge require an appropriate reply by social and environmental accounting and reporting dimensions to be measured.       I will analyse these new challenges and then I will try to describe some drivers that better respond to these different needs.     This analysis is also empirical; to find how social, environmental and sustainability reporting concern the emerging drivers. Research methods involve case studies.

Sustainability Reporting: the implementation of SR and managerial impact in Italian and Bulgarian enterprises

Accounting in gambling companies falls into the category of controversial companies in which the role of reporting methods is fundamental for the social legitimacy of the same.