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Marco Zavatarelli

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Academic discipline: GEO/12 Oceanography and Physics of the Atmosphere


Kanwal Shahzadi; Nadia Pinardi; Vladislav Lyubartsev; Marco Zavatarelli; Simona Simoncelli, SeaDataCloud Temperature and Salinity Climatology for the Global Ocean (version 1), 2019. [Technical report]

Nagy, H.; Elgindy, A.; Pinardi, N.; Zavatarelli, M.; Oddo, P., A nested pre-operational model for the Egyptian shelf zone: Model configuration and validation/calibration, «DYNAMICS OF ATMOSPHERES AND OCEANS», 2017, 80, pp. 75 - 96 [Scientific article]

Mussap, Giulia; Zavatarelli, Marco, A numerical study of the benthic–pelagic coupling in a shallow shelf sea (Gulf of Trieste), «REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE», 2017, 9, pp. 24 - 34 [Scientific article]

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Fiori, Emanuela; Zavatarelli, Marco; Pinardi, Nadia; Mazziotti, Cristina; Ferrari, Carla Rita, Observed and simulated trophic index (TRIX) values for the Adriatic Sea Basin, «NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES», 2016, 16, pp. 2043 - 2054 [Scientific article]

Pinardi N.; Zavatarelli M.; Adani M.; Coppini G.; Fratianni C.; Oddo P.; Tonani M.; Lyubartsev V.; Dobricic S.; Bonaduce S., Mediterranean Sea large-scale, low-frequency ocean variability and watyer mass formation rates from 1987 to 2007: a retrospective analysis., «PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY», 2015, 132, pp. 318 - 332 [Scientific article]

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Fiori E; Zavatarelli M; Pistocchi R, Numerical modelling of environmental anthropogenic effects of the diatom Skeletonema marinoi., in: Fifth European Phycological Congress. Programme & Book of abstracts, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYCOLOGY», 2011, 46, Supplement 1, pp. 185 - 185 (atti di: 5th European Phycological Conference, Rhodes (Greece), 4-9 Settembre 2011) [Abstract]

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