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Marco Zavatarelli

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: GEO/12 Oceanography and Physics of the Atmosphere


Mattia G.; Zavatarelli M.; Vichi M.; Oddo P., The eastern Mediterranean Sea biogeochemical dynamics in the 90’s: A numerical study., «JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH», 2013, 118, pp. 2231 - 2248 [Scientific article]

Butenschoen M.; Zavatarelli M., A comparison of different versions of the SEEK filter for assimilation of biogeochemical data in numerical models of marine ecosystem dynamics. Ocean Modelling, 54-55, «OCEAN MODELLING», 2012, 54-55, pp. 37 - 54 [Scientific article]

M. Butenschoen; M. Zavatarelli, Sensitivity of a marine coupled physical biogeochemical model to time resolution, integration scheme and time splitting method,, «OCEAN MODELLING», 2012, 52-53, pp. 36 - 53 [Scientific article]

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