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Marco Russo

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Dipartimento di Farmacia e Biotecnologie

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I graduated in Molecular Biology at University of Padova in 2015. My previous research projects concerned the development of innovative methods for sequencing library preparation for the structural analysis of genomes and transcriptomes.I started my PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology here in November 2016 at Prof. Capranico lab. My project concerns the study of R-loop dynamics in cancer cells. R-loops are three-stranded nucleic acid structures, usually formed during transcription, which comprise of nascent RNA hybridized with the DNA template, leaving the non-template DNA single-stranded. The R-loop genome-wide profiling is performed by DRIP-seq (DNA:RNA ImmunoPrecipitation-sequencing). I work on the bioinformatic analysis of R-loop profiles obtained via DRIP-seq. I use most common bioinformatic tools for analysis of sequencing data (bwa, samtools, macs2, etc.) and self-made useful script in Perl, Python or R languages.



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