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Marco Patella

Full Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems

Curriculum vitae

Marco Patella got his Laurea Degree (with honors) in Electronic Engineering at the University of Bologna (Italy) on December 9, 1993, and received the Ph. D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Bologna (Italy) on February 17, 1999.

Since 2019 he is full professor at DISI (Department of Computer Science and Engineering), University of Bologna, school of Engineering.

His scientific research activity primarily focuses on query processing issues in multimedia databases. In this context, he achieved relevant results in the design and theoretical analysis of access methods and in the creation of query processing algorithms. More recently, he also performed research in the fields of information retrieval in image databases, Data Mining, and semantic querying in peer-to-peer networks. Marco Patella is one of the developers of M-tree which is widely recognized as the state-of-the-art reference for metric spaces indexing methods.

He has been the reviewer for several top journals in the field of computer science and participated in many program committees for national and international conferences. Since 2008 he is permanent member of the program committee of the international conference on "Similarity Search and Applications", for which in 2010 he served as program chair and proceedings editor. In 2010 he was also proceedings chair for the ACM Multimedia international conference.

The relevance of his research activity is also testified by the over 30 articles published in top international journals, like IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence or ACM Transactions on Database Systems, or presented in several international conferences.

Marco Patella participated to several national and european projects, like “HERMES”, EC-funded project dealing with systems for the efficient management of multimedia data; “PANDA”, EC-funded project about the management of information obtained through Data Mining processes; “Algoritmos de Busqueda en Espacios Metricos”, funded by CONACyT (national Mexican research agency); “WISDOM”, Italian project dealing with semantic queries in peer-to-peer networks. He was the main responsible of the Bologna research unit in the Italian PRIN project CoOPERARE.

Finally, Marco Patella has been a lecturer for Laurea Courses in Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering of the University of Bologna, helding courses on Fundamentals of Computer Science, Advanced Database Systems, Information Systems for Decision Making, and DataBase Technologies.

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