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Marco Lenci

Full Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/07 Mathematical Physics


Keywords: dynamical systems billiards ergodic theory infinite-measure dynamics random walks stochastic processes anomalous diffusion transport in physical systems large deviations

  • Classical billiards. Stochastic properties of hyperbolic billiards. Non-standard mechanisms for hyperbolicity. Aperiodic Lorentz gases and tubes.
  • Infinite-measure dynamical systems. Erogdicity and mixing in infinite ergodic theory. Hyperbolic/expanding systems. Maps with indifferent fixed points.
  • Random walks in random environments. Diffusive properties (e.g., Quenched Invariance Principle). Recurrence and transience in the non-ballistic case.
  • Applications of dynamics to problems in physics. Anomalous diffusion, transport. Lévy random walks. Applications to biological systems.
  • Quantum large deviations. For lattice spin systems (quantum spins, discrete gases, fermionic systems on the lattice, etc.).

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