Foto del docente

Marco Franchi

Assistant professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: BIO/16 Human Anatomy


Keywords: implant osseointegration collagen tendons and ligaments connective tissues melanoma ultrastructure breast cancer

Marco Franchi began his scientific activity in 1983 and soon focused on the study of the extracellular matrix and its components making use of the whole range of ultrastructural techniques (Histology, TEM, Freeze-etching, SEM, AFM). His main topics of research are the ultrastructure of collagen, the elastic system and proteoglycans; the study of the interaction between collagen and proteoglycans in fibrous connective tissues; the study of the architecture of tendons and ligaments, in particular the fibril and the fibre arrays; the study of biomaterials to replace bone and the interface of endosseous implants in dentistry. In the last years he moved his interest and investigations on the morphological and functional collagen arrangement of extracellular matrix in 3D cultures as microenvironment and natural barrier of cancer cells invasion reproduced in vitro at the scanning electron microscope (SEM). He is also author of papers regarding the influence of different extracellular matrix molecules (glycosaminoglycans) on the phenotype and behavior and breast cancer cells.

He developed researches within the framework of funding by MURST and European Projects.
Scientific activity includes lectures in national and international meetings.

He is author of 81 full-papers on international journals and 2 books.