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Marco Depolo

Alma Mater Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"


Brondino, Margherita; Signore, Fulvio; Zambelli, Agnese; Ingusci, Emanuela; Pignata, Silvia; Manuti, Amelia; Giancaspro, Maria Luisa; Falco, Alessandra; Girardi, Damiano; Guglielmi, Dina; Depolo, Marco; Loera, Barbara; Converso, Daniela; Viotti, Sara; Bruno, Andreina; Gilardi, Silvia; Cortini, Michela; Pace, Francesco; Capone, Vincenza; Platania, Silvia; Zito, Margherita; Pasini, Margherita; Miglioretti, Massimo; Dell'Aversana, Giuseppina; Carrus, Giuseppe; Spagnoli, Paola, A New Academic Quality at Work Tool (AQ@workT) to Assess the Quality of Life at Work in the Italian Academic Context, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH», 2022, 19, pp. 3724 - 3745 [Scientific article]Open Access

Alcover C.-M.; Guglielmi D.; Depolo M.; Mazzetti G., “Aging-and-Tech Job Vulnerability” : A proposed framework on the dual impact of aging and AI, robotics, and automation among older workers, «ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY REVIEW», 2021, 11, pp. 175 - 201 [Scientific article]Open Access

Tušl Martin, Rainieri Giuseppe, Fraboni Federico, De Angelis Marco, Depolo Marco, Pietrantoni Luca, Pingitore Andrea, Helicopter Pilots’ Tasks, Subjective Workload, and the Role of External Visual Cues During Shipboard Landing, «JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING», 2020, 14, Article number: 1555343420948720 , pp. 242 - 257 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Vignoli, Michela; Depolo, Marco; Cifuentes, Manuel; Punnett, Laura, Disagreements on leadership styles between supervisors and employees are related to employees’ well-being and work team outcomes, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF WORKPLACE HEALTH MANAGEMENT», 2018, 11, pp. 274 - 293 [Scientific article]

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Fraboni F.; De Angelis M.; Plesnik D.; Altini A.; Depolo M.; Zani B.; Prati G.; Pietrantoni L., Human-automation interaction in automated vehicles: An innovative HMI design approach. The case of elderly and cyclists, in: Communications in Computer and Information Science, GEWERBESTRASSE 11, CHAM, CH-6330, SWITZERLAND, Springer Verlag, 2018, 852, pp. 359 - 366 (atti di: 20th International Conference on HCI, HCI International 2018, usa, 2018) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Marco Depolo, Dina Guglielmi, Ira Vannini, La escuela como organizacion, in: Psicologia Social de la Educacion, Barcelona, Editorial UOC, 2018, pp. 61 - 94 (Psicologia) [Chapter or essay]

Guglielmi, Dina; Florini, Maria Cristina; Mazzetti, Greta; Depolo, Marco; Calabrã², Enza; Miglioli, Sonia; Mariani, Monica; Cioni, Giorgio, Assessment of organizational well-being in an Italian General Hospital after an organizational change, «ITALIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE», 2017, 11, pp. 95 - 101 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Capaldo, Guido; Depolo, Marco; Rippa, Pierluigi; Schiattone, Domenico, Supervisor/peer involvement in evaluation Transfer of Training process and results reliability: A research in an Italian Public Body, «JOURNAL OF WORKPLACE LEARNING», 2017, 29, pp. 134 - 148 [Scientific article]

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Guglielmi, Dina*; Vignoli, Michela; Camellini, Lucia; Florini, Maria Cristina; Brunetti, Massimo; Depolo, Marco, When helpers need help: A case study on the 2012 earthquakes in Italy, «WORK», 2017, 58, pp. 185 - 191 [Scientific article]

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