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Marco Corsino

Assistant professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/08 Management


Strategic Management - organization of class activities

Dear student,

greetings. As you already know next Monday, 15th of Febraury, the Strategic Management course will start. According to the latest decisions of the University Government Body, teaching activities will resume being carried out both online and in-class (blended mode): that will also apply to Strategic Management.

Accordingly, you will have to use the Presente App to check seat-availability at the university facilities where classes are held and to book your seat. Following the guidelines of the University Government Body, I warmly recommend you to make the reservation only if you are sure that you will attend your classes and to cancel your booking if you are no longer able to go to class.

Please notice that attendance of the Strategic Management classes implies that you carry out activities on an individual basis using appropriate electronic devices (e.g., laptop or tablet). All class activities (assignments and delivery of your work) will be managed through the platform “Virtuale”: hence I strongly recommend you to sign up to the Strategic Management course as soon as possible. Class activities will involve the writing of short essays and the elaboration of data: thereafter, you are expected to use word processing and spreadsheet tools.

Published on: February 08 2021