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Marco Borraccetti

Associate Professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: IUS/14 European Union Law

Curriculum vitae


November 2005 - Present: Researcher of European Union Law, Faculty of Political Science “Roberto Ruffilli”, University of Bologna – Forlì Campus


2013 - present Legal Expert, Italian delegation to the Global Forum on Migration and Development;

2013 - present Founder and Staff Member - Web Site

2012 - present Expert, Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and of Research, Area 12 - Legal Sciences;

2012-2014 Staff Member of the University of Bologna, National Focal Point (Italy), Data collection and Research Services on fundamental rights issues - F/SE/10/03, EU Fundamental Rights Agency

2011 - Visiting Professor, Institut d'études éuropéennes, Université Libre de Bruxelles


1998, Law Degree, University of Ferrara, Thesis on the Francovich Case Law

2004, Phd in EC Law from the University of Bologna, with a doctoral thesis on “The role of the Advocate General in the judicial system of the European Union”.


Fields of research; Keywords: European Union - Migration - Mobility - Development - Fundamental Rights - Court of Justice

1. "The European union in world politics: What power? What Leadership? A Multidisciplinary Approach", JM - Centre of Excellence, 2014-1406/001-001;

2. "The EU Immigration Law" - Jean Monnet Programme (Module, n. 529972-LLP-2012-IT-AJM-MO) 2012-2015;

3. Data collection and research services on fundamental rights issues - F/SE/10/03, EU Fundamental Rights Agency;

4. Action JM 2010-2012: Multilateral Research Project - The External Dimension of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice - n. 2010-2688/001-001 (University of Bologna; University of Rennes 1; Université Libre de Bruxelles);

5. Protecting Fundamental Rights in Europe. European Commission - DG JFS (IP/C/LIBE/FWC/2006-202). 


Lectures and Reports (Selection)


Lecture, The Mobility between EU and Africa, University of Macerata, 16 september;

Lecture, Recent Developments of EU Court of Justice case-law on migration; Annual conference on migration law, European Law Academy, Trier, 20-21 May;


Lecture, The right to water in the EU development policy; Natural resources grabbing: erosion or legitimate exercise of State sovereignty? , University of Cagliari, 4-5 October; 


Lecture, La procedura pregiudiziale d'urgenza nel processo civile (Urgent preliminary Procedure and the civil process), Bologna, 16 November;

Lecture, La liberté de circulation des marchandises, des personnes, des services et des capitaux (The free movement of goods, persons, services and capitals), L'Europe des libertés économiques. Fondements, Perspectives, mise en oeuvre, University of Montpellier 1, 7-8 june;

Lecture, Fair trial, due process and the rights of defense in the EU legal order, Fundamental Rights in Europe and Chjina. Between identities and universalism, University of Bologna, 28-29 may.


Lecture, The European Union and the Challenge of Migration: Focusing on People's Rights”, Workshop on Migration & Security, John Jay College, City University of New York, New York, 16-17 dicembre 2011

LectureThe Protection of Natural Resources in EU: Water and Soil, convegno: Climate Change in a EU-China Perspective: The Legal Framework for a Sustainable Global Market, Università di Bologna, 18 novembre 2011;

LectureLa collaboration entre Europol et Interpol: vers une progressive intégration?, Convegno:  Le volet externe de l'Espace de Liberté, de Securité et de Justice de l'Union européenne: quelles articulations pour quelles coherence?, Université de Rennes, 22-23 settembre 2011; 

LectureThe Retour of Undocumented Citizens:Weak harmonization and Little attention to People's Right, Workshop:Migration in Europe: the politics of detention centres, Forum per I problem della Pace e della Guerra – Università di Firenze, Firenze, 17-18 giugno 2011.


Lecture, Accesso alla giustizia delle persone sospettate di terrorismo e/o colpite da misure restrittive (access to justice, terrorism, Kadi case law), convegno Diritti fondamentali e politiche dell'UE dopo Lisbona, Università di Chieti-Pescara, 6 maggio 2010;

Lecture, Protecting Minorities Rights in an enlarged Europe, Panel Diversity Management in Regional Contexts: The Baltic Sea Area, the Balkans and EU integration, ASN convention, 16 aprile 2010, Columbia University, New York (USA);

Lecture, Challenging the identity of Europe through the protection of Fundamental Rights, International conference Existential choice of development trend: Russian society facing time challenges, Samara State University, 3 febbraio 2010, Samara (Russia).



Jean Module on "EU Migration Law"; School of Political Science , University of Bologna – Forlì Campus;


Staff Mobility Erasmus, ULB - Bruxelles, Institut d'Etudes Européennes


Member of the PhD program in EU and International Law, University of Palermo


Member of Bologna Teaching Staff for LL.M. European Law Programme, Module V (EU Law advanced) – Area of Freedom, Security and Justice I, China-EU School of Law at China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing.

2009- present

Lecturer, “Migration, Mobility and Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe”, European Regional MA in Democracy and Human rights in South East Europe, University of Sarajevo – University of Bologna (Joint title).

Lecturer, “The EU charter of fundamental rights”, MA in European Studies, University of Sarajevo – University of Bologna (Joint title)

Lecturer, “The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights”, UN Summer School on Fundamental Rights, University of Rome – Sapienza, Campus of Pomezia (2009).


Member of Bologna Teaching Staff for LL.M. European Law Programme, Module V (EU Law advanced) – Internal Market course, China-EU School of Law at China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing;


January 2006-Present

Member of the Scientific Committee of CIRDCE (Interdepartmental Research Centre on European Community Law), University of Bologna;

December 2005-Present

Member of the Scientific Committee of Punto Europa (Forlì) - JM Centre of Excellence;