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Marco Antonio Bazzocchi

Full Professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Academic discipline: L-FIL-LET/11 Contemporary Italian Literature

Curriculum vitae

In 1980, after awarding the high school diploma at Liceo G.B. Morgagni, Forlì, I enrolled in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Bologna (major subject Classical Literature), where I studied under the supervision of E. Raimondi, A. Traina, E. Degani, G. Guglielmi, F. Curi. In 1985 I awarded a four year degree under the supervision of E. Raimondi with a thesis in Italian Literature on the narrative forms in D'Annunzio's novels. The following year I started my four year Phd in Italianistica under the supervision of E. Raimondi, F. Curi and G. Guglielmi. In 1993 my Phd thesis on myth in Pascoli's works was published with the title Circe e il fanciullino. Interpretazioni pascoliane in the “collana di studi pascoliani” by La Nuova Italia, Firenze. The book, which stresses and emphasizes the narrative and mythological elements present in Pascoli's works, has been recognized and quoted as a significant milestone in Pascoli criticism.

In the meantime I started to be interested in G. Leopardi's works. In 1993 I published a commentary on his Operette morali (Arnoldo Mondadori Scuola). In 1998 I took part in the celebrations for the bicentenary of Leopardi's birth: I organized an international conference and edited the proceedings (Leopardi e Bologna, Olschki, 1999); moreover I organized a documentary exhibition at the Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio in Bologna under the supervision of E. Raimondi. In 2002 I published, together with R. Bonavita, a commentary on Leopardi's Paralipomeni della Batracomiomachia (Carocci). In the following years I wrote several articles on Leopardi and in 2008 I published with Il Mulino (in a literary series directed by A. Battistini) a general introduction to Leopardi's works.

While doing my Phd I was invited as a Visiting Professor at the Université de Montréal (Canada) where I held a course on Twentieth-Century Italian poetry, then I participate to an exchange program between Italy and Morocco under the supervision of MAE which leaded to the foundation of the first department of Italian studies in Africa.

In 1993 I edited, together with E. Raimondi, Antologia della lirica pascoliana (Einaudi) which includes also P. P. Pasolini's undergraduate thesis. With this book, which has been positively reviewed and widely appreciated, I started my studies on Pasolini's works which I continued with the monographic book Pier Paolo Pasolini, published by Bruno Mondadori in 1998 in the series “Biblioteca degli scrittori” directed by M. Belpoliti.

I first became Assistant Professor then Associate Professor of Contemporary Italian Literature, which I currently teach at the Faculty of Arts at University of Bologna. In 2007 I was elected as President of the degree course in Arts. In 2007, in the centenary of Carducci's death, I became part of the national Centenary Celebration Committee headed by the provost P. U. Calzolari. I organized, together with S. Santucci, a documentary exhibition at the Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio in Bologna. The exhibition catalogue was published with the title Carducci e i miti della bellezza by BUP in 2007.

My current research interests lie in the theme of body and corporeality in literature (Corpi che parlano. Il nudo nella letteratura italiana del Novecento, Bruno Mondadori, 2005), in the relationship between literature and philosophy (Campana, Nietzsche e la puttana sacra, Manni, 2003) and in the connections between literature and visual arts, which I explored in my book I burattini filosofi. Pasolini dalla letteratura al cinema (Bruno Mondadori, 2007) and in a forthcoming book on the influence of Giorgio Morandi's works on literature and cinema in the second half of the Twentieth Century.

I'm a member of the Accademia dei filopatridi in Savignano as well as a member of the Accademia Pascoliana in S. Mauro as the representative of the Regione Emilia-Romagna. I'm the scientific responsible for A. Panzini's Casa Rossa in Bellaria and a member of the directive board of the international journal “Studi pasoliniani”. I published some essays on Leopardi and Pasolini also in France and Spain.