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Maddalena Modesti

Associate Professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Academic discipline: M-STO/09 Paleography

Curriculum vitae

Maddalena Modesti (Roma 1976)


Researcher at the University of Bologna since 2007, performing research in the field of Latin Palaeography and Diplomatics. Research interests lie particularly in Early Medieval documentation of Northern and Central Italy, in the Bolognese manuscript production and in the story and charters of Bolognese notary (XII-XV cent.), and also in the study of medieval cartularies and that of reused fragments of manuscripts.

Author of numerous publications, is engaged in national and international research projects and collaborates with several Italian and foreign research and conservation institutes.


2002: graduated at the School of Palaeography, Diplomatics and Archival science of the State Archive o of Modena

2003: degree in Modern Literature at the University of Bologna.

2009: Ph.D. in Romance Philology and Medieval Culture at the University of Bologna

Academic Career

After several years as a teaching assistant of the Professor of Latin Palaeography and as expert of Palaeography (2004-2007) and several research assignments and contract lecturer (2004-2006) for the University of Bologna, in 2007 she becomes a researcher in disciplinary sector M-STO / 09 Palaeography at the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna, working in the Department of History and Cultures; currently she works in the Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies.

Teaching activities

Since 2006, continuous teaching activities holding various course units in 1st and 2nd cycle degree programmes at the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage.

Currently Professor of Latin Palaeography and Diplomatics for the 1st cycle degree programmes in Arts and History; of Latin Palaeography for the 2nd cycle degree programmes in Philology, Literature and Classical Tradition; Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures, Linguistics; History and Oriental Studies; of Diplomatics for the 2nd cycle degree programmes in History and Oriental Studies.

Professor of Diplomatics for the biennium 2016-2018 at the School of Palaeography, Diplomatics and Archival science of the State Archive o of Modena.

She organizes and coordinates seminars on their own disciplines.

In 20013-2014 she coordinated the International Summer School "From Bologna to the Blogosphere", organized by the Center RAM (Research and Analysis of Manuscripts) of the University of Bologna in collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts of the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) of Boston.

Scientific Activities

Participation in numerous national and international research programmes including: Research Project on 'The smaller centres of municipal Italy (XII-XV cent.) (PRIN 2006); Research Project on 'Organization of the territory, land use and spatial perception' (PRIN 2009) as member of the unit; participation in the Project on 'Critical edition of Bolognese charters of XIInd cent.'; in the international Project on 'Ecclesiastical cartularies of medieval Italy' promoted by the École Francaise de Rome; in the national Project 'Notariorum Itinera' dedicated to the study of the history and the sources of notaries.

Referee for specialized journals in the field of Palaeography and Diplomatics and for Research Programmes for the MIUR.

Institutional activities and academic appointments

 Member of the Board of Teachers for the PhD Programme in 'Philological and Literary studies'

Membership of scientific and editorial committees

Since 2004 Member of Deputazione di Storia Patria per le Province di Romagna

Since 2009 Member of Italian Association of Paleographers and Diplomatists (AIPD)

Since 2011 responsible of the RAM Centre (Researches and Analysis of Manuscripts) of the University of Bologna (

Since 2015 Member of the editorial staff of the journal 'Notariorum Itinera'

Since 2015 Member of the Institute for the History of the University of Bologna.

Since 2016 Member of the scientific commettee of the Centre ARCE (, and of APICES (Association Paléographique Internationale. Culture, Écriture, Société <>).

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