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Michela Menegatti

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/05 Social Psychology


Keywords: Political Communication Intimate relationships Gender discrimination Attitudes towards In Vitro Fertilization School evaluation Language

  • Social psychology of communition: cognition and language in the work, school, political and personnel relationships domains.
  • Gender discrmination: how discrimination towrds women is perpetrated through language and in the work context.
  • Social judgment and morality: morality as main judgment dimension of others and groups; effetcs of others' morality on non verbal behavior; morality and insults.
  • Work Psychology: the effects of inferred traits from faces on personnel selectiond decisions; the role of language in personnel selection and evaluation; creativity in work groups.
  • Attitudes towards in vitro fertilization: the role of disgust, political attitudes and religious beliefs.
  • Embodied social cognition: social moderators of facial mimicry; morality and facial mimicry.