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Mario Mazzocchi

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche "Paolo Fortunati"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: SECS-S/03 STATISTICA ECONOMICA

Responsabile unità organizzativa di sede (UOS) Rimini — Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche "Paolo Fortunati"


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Pubblicazioni antecedenti il 2004

International refereed journals


Mazzocchi, M. (2003). Time-varying parameters in the Almost Ideal Demand System: an empirical appraisal. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 30(2): 241-270.

Fanelli, L., Mazzocchi, M. (2002). A cointegrated VECM demand system for meat in Italy. Applied Economics 34(13): 1593-1605.

Henson, S.J., Mazzocchi, M. (2002). Impact of the BSE Crisis on UK Agribusiness: Results of an Event Study of Equity Prices. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 84(2): 370-386.

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Mazzocchi, M., Montini, A. (2001). Earthquake effects on tourism in Central Italy. Annals of Tourism Research, 28(4): 1031-1046.

Mazzocchi, M. (2000). Crises et changements structurels dans la consommation alimentaire: un système structurel de demande. Cahiers dEconomie et Sociologie Rurales, 54: 27-46.

Mazzocchi, M., Montresor, E. (2000). A Multivariate Statistical Approach to the Analysis of Rural Development. Agricultural Economics Review, 1(2): 31-45.

Mazzocchi, M. (1999). Implementation of the Event Study Methodology to Agricultural Markets: An Evaluation of the BSE Impact on Cattle Prices in Italy. Cahiers dEconomie et Sociologie Rurales, 50: 36-53.


Book chapters


Bettocchi, A., Mazzocchi, M. (2003). Demand for alcoholic beverages in Italy and socio-demographic factors. In Gatti, S., Giraud-Heraud E., Mili S. (eds). Wine in the old world: new risks and opportunities. Milano: Franco Angeli, 111-123.

Mazzocchi, M. (2003). Valuing the price of food safety: a time series approach. In Fanfani, R., Brasili, C. (eds.). Perspective of the agri-food system in the new millennium. Bologna: CLUEB, 321-333.

Mazzocchi, M. (2001). Econometric Methods for Evaluating Consumer Response to Food Scares: A Structural Approach. In Heckelei T., Witzke, H.P., Henrichsmeyer, W. (eds.). Agricultural Sector Modelling and Policy Information Systems. Kiel: Vauk Verlag, 111-120.

Paris, Q., Montresor, E., Arfini, F., Mazzocchi, M. (2001). An Integrated Dynamic Model for Evaluating Agricultural Policies Through Positive Information. In Heckelei T., Witzke, H.P., Henrichsmeyer, W. (eds.). Agricultural Sector Modelling and Policy Information Systems. Kiel: Vauk Verlag, 101-110.

Montresor, E., Mazzocchi, M., Zanchini, A. (2000). Regional Institutions and Competitiveness dynamics of typical and quality product in the new EU scenery. In Sylvander B., Barjolle D., Arfini F. (eds). The socio-economics of Origin labelled products in agri-food supply Chain Spatial, Institutional and Co-ordination Aspects. Acts e Comunications, 17. Parigi: INRA Editions, 295-314.

Mazzocchi, M. (1998). Econometric tools for evaluating the impact of the BSE crisis: The Event Study Analysis. In Viau, C. (ed.). Long-Term Prospect of Beef Industry. Parigi: INRA, 65-77.


Contributed papers presented in International Seminars and Congresses


Mazzocchi, M., Stefani G.L. (2002). Consumer welfare and the loss induced by withheld information: the case of BSE in Italy. X EAAE Congress. Saragozza, 28-31 agosto 2002

Montresor, E., Mazzocchi, M. (2001). Agricultural and rural development: an analytical approach. 73th EAAE Seminar. Ancona, 28-30 giugno 2001

Mazzocchi, M. (2001).  A structural approach to modelling time-varying preferences in food demand. 71th EAAE Seminar. Zaragoza, 19-20 aprile 2001

Moro, D., Sckokai, P., Mazzocchi, M. (2000). A New Strategy for Testing Convergence in Tastes. Annual Meeting of the American Agricultural Economics Association. Tampa (FL), 29 luglio-2 agosto 2000

Mazzocchi, M., Montresor, E. (1999). Agricultural and rural development at regional level: an analytical approach. 9th EAAE Congress. Warsaw, 24-28 agosto 1999



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