Foto del docente

Luisa Molari

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/08 Structural Mechanics


Keywords: Biomaterial for buildings straw bale bamboo salt crystallization damage mechanics curved beams phase field model phase transition Discontinuous Galerkin shape memory alloys coupled problem leakage in pressurized pipes Arundo donax

the topics of research can be collected in four macro areas :

1) Experimental Characterization of Material in Laboratory

- Mechanical Characterization of straw bale

- Mechanical Characterization of bamboo culm


2) Standard and Applications of natural materials in Constructions

Bamboo structures: connections

Standard for bamboo as structural material


2) Model

- model for the mechanical behavior of straw bale used as building materials

- phase field model for phase transitions in steel and shape memory alloys

- coupled models for moisture diffusion and salt crystallization in porous media

- models to estimate leakage in longitudinal cracked pressurized pipes


3) Computational Mechanics

- Statics and dynamics of curved beams

- Discontinuous Galerkin method for gradient theories

- Numerical aspects related to elastodiffusive models