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Luigi Tomassini

Alma Mater Honorary Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

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Luigi Tomassini is Professor in Contemporary History and History of Photography in the Faculty of Preservation of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna.

His main line of interest is directed towards the theme of the Great War, as a moment of radical transformation of the contemporary Italian society: especially the issue of relations between the military, industrial entrepreneurs, and workers, during the war. He participated in this field at many international conferences, published numerous essays in books and in foreign qualified magazines. Also within this line of research, he has recently addressed the issue of the birth of the first public centralized organization of scientific research in Italy (CNR), with a comparative perspective, and with first-hand research in various archives and libraries of Europe. One other topic of research in which he worked is the history of associations is popular in Italy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, even in a comparative perspective and as part of research conducted by the International Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis Amsterdam.

He studied with continuity also the history of photography as a means of visual communication, and the relationship between history and iconographic sources. He is concerned of the potential of new technologies for the historians, editing a volume on "History and Computer" at the publisher Bruno Mondadori in 1996 followed by several essays in books and academic journals.
Participated as chairman or speaker at numerous conferences in Italy and abroad, about the relationship between photography and history and the impact of new technology on photography as a cultural heritage. In 2000-2001 he plans and  constitutes  a departmental Photographic Laboratory at the Department of History and Methods for Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Ravenna, of which he is still Director. Published numerous essays on the history of photography, on photography as documentation tool for cultural heritage in Italy and other European countries.
He is Chairman of the “Ricerche Storiche e Archeologia Industriale” society, who is the publisher of the journal “Ricerche Storiche”. He is also  co-editor of the Journal “Memoria e Ricerca”. He is President of the Italian Society for the Study of Photography (SISF,, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the “Archivio Fotografico  Toscano”,  member of the Scientific Committee of the Museum of the History of Photography “Fratelli Alinari”, codirector of "AFT – Rivista di storia e fotografia”, national coordinator of the discussion list "S-fotografie".
He is President of the Degree Course in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the Faculty of Preservation of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna.

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