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Luigi Cantelli

Assistant professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/03 Structural Geology

Curriculum vitae

Born in Bologna on April 3, 1962, graduated in Geology in 1988, qualified as a geologist in the same year, he earned the PhD in 1991. From 3 November 2005, took service as a researcher at Bologna University, area GEO-03 (Structural Geology) at the Department of Earth Sciences and Environmental Geology.

Professional Experience:
Thesis on the geological survey and mesostructural analysis domain in the area of Molveno, S. Lorenzo in Banale and the Adige Valley.
Partecipate in geophysical survey on Garda Lake (1988).
PhD thesis entitled "The role of the Schio-Vicenza line in the structural evolution of the Central Southern Alps," which reviews the geological mapping and collects more than one hundred stations of mesostructural analysis. The aim of this work was the mechanical treatment of quantitative structural data and the improvement of "Carey” program. (1991)
Period of stage at the "Laboratoire de Géodinamique interne" Université Paris Sud (Orsay) Prof. J. Mercier. (1991)
Consulting and training courses in CAD and GIS at various educational institutions and various companies. (1992-1999)
Professional activities on geological technical issues. (1992-1999)
Geological and geomorphological map of Lessinia Park 1:10.000. (1992)
For the Province of Trento, Geological Survey, realizing for the geological map of Italy scale 1:50.000 Sheet # 59, Tione di Trento, Sheet # 80, Riva del Garda, Sheet # 42, Male. (1992-2000)
Employee of the University of Bologna for the technical area, technical and scientific data processing. (2000)

Actual Teaching:

For the Master in Sciences and Management of Nature:
Laboratorio di Cartografia Numerica e GIS (6 CFU)

For the Course in Geology:

Informatica, modulo 2 - Cartografia Numerica (3CFU)

Geografia e Geologia, modulo 2 Cartografia (2 CFU)

Other Activities
Italian translation and editing of the book "tectonique" by Prof. J. Mercier.
Following the completion of the project Edu-Geo, the proposal to students and high school teachers of educational excursions centered on Earth Sciences and distributed on the whole Italian territory.
In 2005 he received certification from the AICA as an examiner ECDL Advanced GIS


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