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Lucia Ferrazzano

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry


Keywords: peptides, peptidomimetics, oligonucleotides, RGD, integrin, heterocycles, peptide synthesis, stereopure oligonucleotdies synthesis, antimicrobial peptides

  • Synthesis of RGD-peptidomimetics for the delivery of drugs and fluorescent molecules towards integrins: the project consists in the synthesis of linear analogues of the well-known RGD with a side-chain functionalizable by click-Chemistry, in order to introduce drugs and fluorescent molecules.
  • Synthesis of Cathepsin B cleavable peptides for the functionalization of carrier systems: considering the overexpressione of this enzime near cancer cells, the project is focused on the synthesis of cleavable self-immolative or not peptides, that can be functionalized with RGD mimetic molecules and, at the same time, drugs and fluorescent molecules.
  • Synthesis of Linezolid-like molecules and their in vitro biological evaluation.
  • Solid-phase peptide synthesis to develop molecular tweezers for graphene.

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