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Lucia Carboni

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/14 Pharmacology


Carboni L.; El Khoury A.; Beiderbeck D.I.; Neumann I.D.; Mathe A.A., Neuropeptide Y, calcitonin gene-related peptide, and neurokinin A in brain regions of HAB rats correlate with anxiety-like behaviours, «EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY», 2022, 57, pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]

Carboni L.; Ponzoni L.; Braida D.; Sala M.; Gotti C.; Zoli M., Altered mrna levels of stress-related peptides in mouse hippocampus and caudate-putamen in withdrawal after long-term intermittent exposure to tobacco smoke or electronic cigarette vapour, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES», 2021, 22, Article number: 599 , pp. 1 - 17 [Scientific article]Open Access

Caputi F.F.; Carboni L.; Rullo L.; Alessandrini I.; Balzani E.; Melotti R.M.; Romualdi P.; Candeletti S.; Fanelli A., An Exploratory Pilot Study of Changes in Global DNA Methylation in Patients Undergoing Major Breast Surgery Under Opioid-Based General Anesthesia, «FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY», 2021, 12, Article number: 733577 , pp. 733577 - 733588 [Scientific article]Open Access

Carboni L.; Delafont B.; Ivanchenko E.; Ratti E.; Learned S.M.; Alexander R.; Domenici E., Folate metabolism biomarkers from two randomised placebo-controlled clinical studies with paroxetine and venlafaxine, «THE WORLD JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY», 2021, 22, pp. 315 - 321 [Scientific article]

Carboni L.; Pischedda F.; Piccoli G.; Lauria M.; Musazzi L.; Popoli M.; Mathe A.A.; Domenici E., Depression-Associated Gene Negr1-Fgfr2 Pathway Is Altered by Antidepressant Treatment, «CELLS», 2020, 9, pp. 1818 - 1835 [Scientific article]Open Access

Marchetti L.; Lauria M.; Caberlotto L.; Musazzi L.; Popoli M.; Mathe A.A.; Domenici E.; Carboni L., Gene expression signature of antidepressant treatment response/non-response in Flinders Sensitive Line rats subjected to maternal separation, «EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY», 2020, 31, pp. 69 - 85 [Scientific article]

Ponzoni, Luisa; Braida, Daniela; Carboni, Lucia; Moretti, Milena; Viani, Paola; Clementi, Francesco; Zoli, Michele; Gotti, Cecilia; Sala, Mariaelvina, Persistent cognitive and affective alterations at late withdrawal stages after long-term intermittent exposure to tobacco smoke or electronic cigarette vapour: Behavioural changes and their neurochemical correlates, «PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH», 2020, 158, Article number: 104941 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]

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Carboni, Lucia; Marchetti, Luca; Lauria, Mario; Gass, Peter; Vollmayr, Barbara; Redfern, Amanda; Jones, Lesley; Razzoli, Maria; Malki, Karim; Begni, Veronica; Riva, Marco A; Domenici, Enrico; Caberlotto, Laura; Mathé, Aleksander A, Cross-species evidence from human and rat brain transcriptome for growth factor signaling pathway dysregulation in major depression, «NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY», 2018, 43, pp. 2134 - 2145 [Scientific article]Open Access

Carboni L.; Romoli B.; Bate S.T.; Romualdi P.; Zoli M., Increased expression of CRF and CRF-receptors in dorsal striatum, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex after the development of nicotine sensitization in rats, «DRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE», 2018, 189, pp. 12 - 20 [Scientific article]

Malki, Karim; Tosto, Maria Grazia; Mouriño-Talín, Héctor; Rodríguez-Lorenzo, Sabela; Pain, Oliver; Jumhaboy, Irfan; Liu, Tina; Parpas, Panos; Newman, Stuart; Malykh, Artem; Carboni, Lucia; Uher, Rudolf; Mcguffin, Peter; Schalkwyk, Leonard C.; Bryson, Kevin; Herbster, Mark, Highly polygenic architecture of antidepressant treatment response: Comparative analysis of SSRI and NRI treatment in an animal model of depression, «AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS. PART B, NEUROPSYCHIATRIC GENETICS», 2017, 174, pp. 235 - 250 [Scientific article]

Caputi, Francesca Felicia; Carboni, Lucia; Mazza, Daria; Candeletti, Sanzio; Romualdi, Patrizia, Cocaine and ethanol target 26S proteasome activity and gene expression in neuroblastoma cells, «DRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE», 2016, 161, pp. 265-75 - 275 [Scientific article]

Andreetta, Filippo; Carboni, Lucia; Grafton, Gillian; Jeggo, Ross; Whyment, Andrew D; Van Den Top, Marco; Hoyer, Daniel; Spanswick, David; Barnes, Nicholas M, Hippocampal 5-HT7 receptors signal phosphorylation of the GluA1 subunit to facilitate AMPA receptor mediated-neurotransmission in vitro and in vivo, «BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY», 2016, 173, pp. 1438 - 1451 [Scientific article]

Caputi, F.F; Palmisano, M; Carboni, L; Candeletti, S; Romualdi, P, Opioid gene expression changes and post-translational histone modifications at promoter regions in the rat nucleus accumbens after acute and repeated 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) exposure, «PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH», 2016, 114, pp. 209 - 218 [Scientific article]

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