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Lucia Carboni

Assistant professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/14 Pharmacology


Carboni, Lucia; Nguyen, Thanh Phuong; Caberlotto, Laura, Systems biology integration of proteomic data in rodent models of depression reveals involvement of the immune response and glutamatergic signaling, «PROTEOMICS. CLINICAL APPLICATIONS», 2016, 10, pp. 1254 - 1263 [Scientific article]

Lattanzio, Francesca; Carboni, Lucia; Carretta, Donatella; Candeletti, Sanzio; Romualdi, Patrizia, Treatment with the neurotoxic Aβ (25-35) peptide modulates the expression of neuroprotective factors Pin1, Sirtuin 1, and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells, «EXPERIMENTAL AND TOXICOLOGIC PATHOLOGY», 2016, 68, pp. 271 - 276 [Scientific article]

Malki, K; Pain, O; Tosto, M. G; Du Rietz, E; Carboni, Lucia; Schalkwyk, L. C., Identification of genes and gene pathways associated with major depressive disorder by integrative brain analysis of rat and human prefrontal cortex transcriptomes, «TRANSLATIONAL PSYCHIATRY», 2015, 5, pp. 1 - 7 [Scientific article]

Carboni, Lucia; Lattanzio, Francesca; Candeletti, Sanzio; Porcellini, Elisa; Raschi, Elena; Licastro, Federico; Romualdi, Patrizia, Peripheral leukocyte expression of the potential biomarker proteins Bdnf, Sirt1, and Psen1 is not regulated by promoter methylation in Alzheimer's disease patients, «NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS», 2015, 605, pp. 44 - 48 [Scientific article]

Carboni, Lucia, The contribution of proteomic studies in humans, animal models, and after antidepressant treatments to investigate the molecular neurobiology of major depression, «PROTEOMICS. CLINICAL APPLICATIONS», 2015, 9, pp. 889 - 898 [Scientific article]

F. Lattanzio;L. Carboni;D. Carretta;R. Rimondini;S. Candeletti;P. Romualdi, Human apolipoprotein E4 modulates the expression of Pin1, Sirtuin 1, and Presenilin 1 in brain regions of targeted replacement apoE mice, «NEUROSCIENCE», 2014, 256, pp. 360 - 369 [Scientific article]

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Razzoli M.; Carboni L.; Andreoli M.; Ballottari A.; Arban R., Different susceptibility to social defeat stress of BalbC and C57BL6/J mice., «BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH», 2011, 216, pp. 100 - 108 [Scientific article]

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