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Luca Pietrantoni

Full Professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/06 Work and Organizational Psychology


Keywords: safety and risk human factors organisational factors travel and transportation behviours risk perception and communication

- Innovation in Organizations (open innovation, innovation management, methods of inter-company collaboration)
- Change Management in Organizations (adaptation strategies, organizational communication, managing resistance to change)
- Mergers and Acquisitions in Organizations: Antecedents, Consequences, Interventions (cultural integration, strategic planning, conflict management)
- Leadership and Teamwork in Work Contexts (leadership style, group dynamics, team efficiency)
- Nudging Interventions in Work Contexts (behavioral motivation, decision-making, organizational efficiency)
- Analysis of Human-Technology Interfaces: Usability, Trust (human-machine interaction, user-centered design, system safety)
- Worker Workload in Industrial Contexts (performance under stress, resource optimization, workload measurement)
- Occupational Safety and Analysis of Workplace Accidents and Injuries (risk prevention, safety culture, injury investigations)
- Human Factors and Cognitive Ergonomics (work analysis, workplace environment design, prevention of mental fatigue)
- Training in Organizations: Analysis of Training Needs, Transfer, and Evaluation of Training (skill development, learning methodologies, ROI of training)
- Simulation, Shadowing, Gamification in Organizations (experiential learning, feedback, innovative training techniques)
- New Forms of Work: Remote and Hybrid Work (technological adaptation, digital nomads, challenges of remote communication, expat work experiences)
- Reskilling and Upskilling in Work Contexts (development of new skills, continuous learning strategies, adaptation to labor market changes)
- Metrics and Certification of Social Sustainability in Small and Medium Enterprises (social impact assessment, certification standards, integration of sustainable practices in business)
- Digital Transition of Small and Medium Enterprises (digitalization strategies, challenges and opportunities, impact on productivity and competitiveness)

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