Foto del docente

Luca Pasquini

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/03 Physics of Matter


Venturi, F.; Calizzi, M.; Bals, S.; Perkisas, T.; Pasquini, L., Self-assembly of gas-phase synthesized magnesium nanoparticles on room temperature substrates, «MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS», 2015, 2, pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]

Goffredo, S; Mancuso, A.; Caroselli, E.; Prada, F.; Dubinsky, Z.; Falini, G.; Levy, O.; Fantazzini, P.; Pasquini, L., Skeletal mechanical properties of Mediterranean corals along a wide latitudinal gradient, «CORAL REEFS», 2015, 34, pp. 121 - 132 [Scientific article]Open Access

Goffredo, S; Prada, F.; Caroselli, E.; Capaccioni, B.; Zaccanti, F.; Pasquini, L.; Fantazzini, P.; Fermani, S.; Reggi, M.; Levy, O.; Fabricius, K. E.; Dubinsky, Z.; Falini, G., Biomineralization control related to population density under ocean acidification, «NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE», 2014, 4, pp. 593 - 597 [Scientific article]

Pasquini L; Sacchi M; Brighi M; Boelsma C; Bals S; Perkisas T; Dam B, Hydride destabilization in core-shell nanoparticles, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY», 2014, 39, pp. 2115 - 2123 [Scientific article]

Ponthieu M; Calizzi M; Pasquini L; Fernández JF; Cuevas F, Synthesis by reactive ball milling and cycling properties of MgH2-TiH2 nanocomposites: Kinetics and isotopic effects, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY», 2014, 39, pp. 9918 - 9923 [Scientific article]

Paola Fantazzini; Stefano Mengoli; Stefania Evangelisti; Luca Pasquini; Manuel Mariani; Leonardo Brizi; Stefano Goffredo; Erik Caroselli; Fiorella Prada; Giuseppe Falini; Oren Levy; Zvy Dubinsky, A Time-Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Mediterranean Scleractinian Corals Reveals Skeletal-Porosity Sensitivity to Environmental Changes, «ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY», 2013, 47, pp. 12679 - 12686 [Scientific article]

Milošević S; Milanović I; Paskaš Mamula B; Dukić A; Rajnović D; Pasquini L; Grbović Novaković J, Hydrogen desorption properties of MgH2 catalysed with NaNH2, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY», 2013, 38, pp. 12223 - 12229 [Scientific article]

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M. Calvaresi; G. Falini; L. Pasquini; M. Reggi; S. Fermani; G. C. Gazzadi; S. Frabboni; F. Zerbetto, Morphological and mechanical characterization of composite calcite/SWCNT-COOH single crystals, «NANOSCALE», 2013, 5, pp. 6944 - 6949 [Scientific article]

L. Amidani; L. Pasquini; F. Boscherini, Appearance potential spectroscopy with a pulse counting detector and multiple scattering spectral interpretation, «REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS», 2012, 83, pp. 083901 - 083904 [Scientific article]

L. Pasquini, Application of synchrotron radiation techniques to the study of hydrogen storage materials, «NOTIZIARIO NEUTRONI E LUCE DI SINCROTRONE», 2012, 18, pp. 14 - 19 [Scientific article]

P. Luches; L. Pasquini; S. Benedetti; S. Valeri; R. Rüffer; F. Boscherini, Depth-dependent magnetization reversal and spin structure of Fe/NiO exchange-coulped epitaxial bilayers, «APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS», 2012, 101, pp. 082412-1 - 082412-4 [Scientific article]

L. Pasquini; M. Brighi; A. Montone; M. Vittori Antisari; B. Dam; V. Palmisano; E. Bonetti, Magnesium Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Storage: Structure, Kinetics and Thermodynamics, in: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, BRISTOL, Institute of Physics, 2012, 38, pp. 012001-1 - 012001-8 (atti di: International Conference on Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies (FM&NT2012), Riga (Latvia), 17–20 April 2012) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

B Fraboni;; A.Ciavatti; F.Merlo; L. Pasquini; A.Cavallini; A. Quaranta; A. Bonfiglio; A.Fraleoni-Morgera, Organic Semiconducting Single Crystals as Next Generation of Low-Cost, Room-Temperature Electrical X-ray Detectors, «ADVANCED MATERIALS», 2012, 24, pp. 2289 - 2293 [Scientific article]

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