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Luca Morandi

Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/12 Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Curriculum vitae

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Born on September 28th 1967, in Mantova (Italy); married, two children

Academic Degree in Biology, 1993 at the faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences of Bologna

Academic Degree in Applied Genetics 1999 at the faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences of Bologna

PhD in Oncology, May 2003 at the University of Bologna – Department of Experimental Pathology

Post Doc fellowship (since 1-09-2003 to 31-08-2004) at Department of Experimental Pathology, University of Bologna

R&D Scientific Director and founder (July 1996-Aug 2003) of  Alphagenics Diaco Biotechnologies S.r.l. Area Science Park Padriciano 99 Trieste

Since Sept 2003 he was Consultant of Alphagenics Diaco Biotechnologies

2013: Founder of 4Bases Sas Lugano Switzerland

2022: Founder of Studium Genetics S.r.l. a spin-off of the University of Bologna

Pubblications (from Scopus): 105 peer reviewed articles, 2000 citations; H-index: 27


Scopus ID: 7005265175 []

Researcher ID: A-3191-2016 []

Publons: []


  • WO2014009798 (a1) gene expression profiling using 5 genes to predict prognosis in breast cancer; Inventor: Luca Morandi MP Sormani, JL Centeleghe
  • EP 2218794 (A1) - Detection of instability in regions of genomic DNA containing simple tandem repeats demande 00233/09 (Art. 46b al. 1OBI) Applicant: Alphagenics International SA Inventor: Luca Morandi Title: Detection of instability in regions of genomic DNA containing simple tandem repeats
  • EP 2218793 (A1) - Detection of MGMT methylation in tumors P1994CH00 / 201-9Demande 00232/09 Applicant : Alphagenics International Sarl ; Inventor : Luca Morandi; Title : Promoter methylation analysis of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) detected by locked nucleic acid based quantitative PCR and molecular beacon chemistry using an imprinted gene (SNURF) as a reference
  • WO2011104694 (A2) Inventor: Luca Morandi, " Detection of BRAF V600E mutation by allele specific real time quantitative PCR (AS-qPCR) using locked nucleic acids primers and beacon probes" Au nom de : Gammagenetics Sàrl V/Réf. : BRAF N/Réf. : P2121PC00 / 0649-004
  • WO2011104695 (A2) Inventor: Luca Morandi, "Detection of kras mutation in exon 2 by allele specific real time quantitative PCR (AS-QPCR)" Au nom de : Gammagenetics Sàrl V/Réf. : KRAS N/Réf. : P2122PC00 / 0649-005
  • PCT/IB2017/056875:Inventors: Luca Morandi, Davide Gissi, Achille Tarsitano: Quantitative DNA Methylation analysis to early detect Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma from exfoliating brushes of oral mucosa Applicant: UNIBO ITALIA - Domanda di brevetto d'invenzione depositata in data 04 nov 2016, PCT 4/11/2017

Technical expertise:

Skills: DNA Sequencing; Fragment Analysis; LOH analysis and microsatellite instability; Gene expression microarrays(Agilent platform); CGH-arrays (Agilent Platform); Real time PCR; Laser assisted microdissection, Reverse Dot/Blot (ASO), PCR-ELISA, quantitative competitive PCR, PCR-RFLP, PCR-DGGE, Western Blotting, Northern Blotting, Southern Blotting, methylation sensitive PCR; quantitative methylation sensitive Real Time PCR by Molecular beacon;

Next Generation Sequencing: MiSEQ-Illumina at IRCSS Neuroscience Bellaria Hospital, MiniSEQ at 4Bases SA; IonTorrent at ARC-NET University of Verona; 454-GSJunior Roche at Anatomia Patologica Bellaria Hospital) for mutation analysis, DNA methylation (Bisulfite-SEQ), Copy number variation, splicing variant discovery, microRNA expression, NGS bioinformatic data analysis by perl; bismarck bisulfite read mapper, Galaxy cloud computing (, BaseSpace including BWA, VariantStudio, NextGene, SeqPilot, CLC Genomic Workbench, BISMA (, BSPAT (, .



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