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Luca Cipriani

Associate Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/17 Representation of Architecture

Curriculum vitae

Luca Cipriani (1965) has taken his degree in Engineering and Doctorate degree in Building and Territorial Engineering at the University of Bologna; where he is working in drawing and architectural design since 1990. He has been teaching Drawing since 1996 at the Architectural Faculty in Ferrara and at Polytechnic in Milano, at the Engineering faculty in Udine and in Bologna where he has been working as a researcher and teacher since 1999.

He has carried out research activities on the architectural representation, project design systems and surveys in various context and at various scale.

He has participated at various local research groups investigating the following subject:

- Formation and organization of service sector areas;

- Design Systems in the cinquecento facciata;

- Organization and location of monofunctional areas in town for collective use equipements;

- Architecture and business connession: historical shop-windows in Bologna;

- Character of the Architecture of the Modern: system and representation of design;

- Urban restoring: Design of the Modern Systems to qualify poor industrial areas;

- Urban survey;

- Architectural survey in monumental plant;

- Morphological and settling down characters in the foundation town;

- Drawning of design: from the representation of the design to the design for the maintenance.

He has carried out research activities even in the study of the representation as an autonoumus object of study with particular reference to the automatical formulation of the images techniques, graphic return with the aid of the electronic and surveys technics and methods, even in photogram.

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