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Lorella Guadagnini

Adjunct professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Curriculum vitae

At the University of Bologna, Guadagnini Lorella got the first level degree in Industrial Chemistry (class no. 21 – Science and Chemical Technologies) in 2004, then she got the second level degree in Products, Materials and Processes for Industrial Chemistry (class no. 81/S – Science and Technologies for Industrial Chemistry) in 2006, getting a mark of 110 over 110 cum laude for both final examinations. The same year she obtained the certificate as a professional chemist (section A), with a mark of 196 over 210.

She got the doctoral degree in Chemical Sciences (22nd cycle) in 2010.

From 2010 to 2014 she worked at the Department of Industrial Chemistry “Toso Montanari” of the University of Bologna as a post-doc researcher in the laboratory of Analytical Chemistry headed by professor Domenica Tonelli.

The research activity conducted at the laboratory of Analytical Chemistry focused on the electrochemical characterisation of electrode surfaces modified with hydrotalcite and nickel hydroxide films, enzymes and transition metal hexacyanoferrates, conducting polymers, metal nanoparticles, on the investigation of their analytical applications and on the development of amperometric sensors and biosensors. Recently she conducted an SECM study, dealing with the investigation of the morphology and reactivity changes undergone by bronze samples of artistic interest, due to exposure to aggressive environmental conditions (acid rain). In the group of Analytical Chemistry she is expert of the SECM technique and she is the only staff member currently using the SECM instrumentation.

Dr. Guadagnini performed research stages in Germany and France in 2008. In the laboratory of Analytical Chemistry – Electroanalysis and Sensors, directed by professor Wolfgang Schuhmann, at the Ruhr University of Bochum (Germany), she had an intensive training to perfection her knowledge and practice in Scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM). There her research interests focused on the electrochemical characterisation by SECM of electrode surfaces modified with hexacyanoferrates and enzymes for the development of sensors and biosensors. In the laboratory of Inorganic Materials of the “Blaise Pascal” University of Clermont-Ferrand (France), directed by professor Claude Forano, she took part to a research project aimed at the development of electrochemical sensors based on layered double hydroxides for the detection of herbicides.

She worked as an assistant for students in writing graduation theses and in carrying out laboratory activities, and she performed exercise training for the “General and inorganic chemistry” base course as professor's assistant.

She attended doctoral schools (National School of Analytical Chemistry for PhD students, in 2007) and national and international scientific congresses, and she is a co-author in papers published on international peer-reviewed journals.

In 2007 she obtained two important prizes: the “Best graduated women” prize and “17th Guido Paolucci Rotary” prize for the faculty of Industrial Chemistry.

Finally, Guadagnini Lorella carried activity as an “Expert in Analytical Chemistry” since July 2014, during the examination sessions for the "Applied Chemical Analysis LT" and "Industrial Analytical Chemistry and Process Chemistry LM" courses (taught by professor Marco Taddia).


Since december 2014 Guadagnini Lorella has been working as a Technician at the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM) of the University of Bologna, supporting teaching and research activities in the Laboratory of Chemical Engineering located in Via Terracini, Bologna.

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