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Letizia Caronia

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/01 Pedagogy, Theories of Education and Social Education

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Pedagogy — Science of education


Keywords: Qualitative research Ethnography Language and social interaction Social interaction in health care contexts parent-teacher conference Education in everydaylife

Areas of interests

Beyond humanism: Things as communicative agents in ordinary and institutional settings

The management of knowledge in institutional interaction: epistemic agency and interactional competence.

Morality in everyday and scientific practices: 



2016- Territories of knowledge and the negotiation of epistemic authority in Parents-Teacher Conference (with Chiara Delledonne Vandini). As is the case for most institutional interaction (see Drew & Heritage, 1992; Heritage & Clayman, 2010), PTCs are characterized by a social distribution of types of knowledge and related differential distribution of epistemic rights and authority (Heritage, 2012, a, b). This study focuses on the interactive construction of epistemic authority that take place during parent-teacher conference and on the resources participants use to build a credible version of who the child is and how she performs. 

2014- Medical Talk-in-Interaction: A study on the implementation of a guidelines-non-conforming policy on antibiotic treatment in an Intensive Care Unit (with Marzia Saglietti, Ph.D)

This study draws on ethnographic fieldwork in an Intensive Care Unit. It focuses on the negotiation of antibiotic treatment (AT) occurring among physicians working in this highly critical health care context. Particularly, the study analyses examples from videorecorded morning briefings where the physicians collectively assess the status of the in-ward patients and decide on that basis which therapeutic treatment (if any) should be provided and maintained for the next 24 hours, when the patients will be assessed again.

2014- Morality at dinner time: the constitution of moral orders and world-visions in family everyday life (with Renata Galatolo). This study focuses on how mundane morality is presupposed and (re)constructed in the micro-order of everyday life. By analyzing a corpus of family dinner conversations, we shed lights on the ways through which parents socialize children to moral orders as if they were natural facts (Garfinkel, 1967). We demonstrate how micro and ordinary dialogues like those occurring during family dinners are part of the silent and almost invisible everyday work through which individuals create their cultural world as a quasi-natural one.

Past research projects 2012-2000

With Luigina Mortari (University of Verona): PHENICE: Phenomenology of Infection Diseases in Intensive Care Units. Funding: GiViTi, Research Institute “Mario Negri” Milano.

With André H. Caron (University of Montreal): Television programming for children: families' attitudes and perceptions (2011-2012). Department of Communication. University of Montreal. Funding Alliance for Children and Television – CANADA)

With André H. Caron (University of Montreal): Television Programming for Children : A Content Analysis (2009-2010) .) Department of Communication. University of Montreal. Funding Alliance for Children and Television – CANADA

« Le Panoscope 360. Appropriation d'une technologie immersive dans le Centre des sciences de Montréal.». Funding Société des arts technologiques (Montréal, Canada), Centre des sciences de Montréal, CITÉ (Université de Montréal).

With André H. Caron (University of Montreal): Étude de la baladodiffusion dans l'éducation : usages et pratiques des étudiants universitaires. Funding Bell.

With André H. Caron (University of Montreal): Improving Public Regulation: the Reception and Use of Film and Videogame Rating Systems in Family Everyday Governance of Children's Media Consumption. Funding Régie di Cinéma – Government agency CANADA.

With André H. Caron (University of Montreal): Mobile communication in everyday life: the use of mobile phone in adolescents' social worlds. Funding Bell Chair Canada.

With Andrè H. Caron (University of Montreal): Television as I would Like You to Be: an International Comparison on Children's Images of Television. Countries: Argentina, Chili, Uruguay, Greece, Canada and Italy. Grants from the framework “Funding for young researchers 2000” , University of Bologna.