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Leonardo Setti

Assistant professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/11 Chemistry and Biotechnology of Fermentation

Short Bio

He carries out his research in the field of industrial biochemistry applied to renewable energy systems and in particular to the development of biorefineries for the chemical and energy enhancement of agro-food waste. He currently focuses his research on the development of processes for the development of territorial biocosmetics (slow-biocosmetics) and flow biofuel cells for the production of electricity using biological batteries made in 3D printing. Author of numerous publications, he has launched four successful industrial spin-offs on food inkjet printing (Lesepidado srl), on the production of active ingredients from agro-food waste (Phenbiox srl), on the production of territorial biocosmetics (Frescosmesi srl) and on the study of new tools to accompany families in the energy transition towards renewable energies (Center for Solar Communities Ass.) Go to the Curriculum vitae


+39 051 20 9 3672

Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari"
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lunedì ore 10-12
Dipartimento Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari"
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